Can a Diploma Help in Starting a Career in Law in Singapore?

Obtaining a Diploma in Singapore is considered as the minimum eligibility for applying to a graduate degree in the field of Law. Completion of a Diploma certificate allows candidates, looking to enhance their knowledge, gain a broader view of Law as a subject and profession. This article will help you understand how does a Diploma aid in adding more credibility to your abilities, helping you kick start your career in Law in the small, but rich Asian country.

  • Law Office Manager – Law office managers carry out a bunch of legal responsibilities to ensure the office runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. They oversee the daily operations of a legal office, coordinating and monitoring all the activities. Their day-to-day job role may include checking over completed documents for accuracy and quality, making sure that a lawyer has all necessary paperwork for court hearings. Besides handling legal research and creating client files, these professionals may also be responsible for:
    • Greeting clients;
    • Answering incoming calls;
    • Managing e-mail correspondence;
    • Handling clerical tasks.
  • Contracts ManagerContracts manager is accountable for the financial monitoring and control of business contracts. This may include maintenance of health, safety, environmental and quality compliance, as well as achieving objectives that are in line with the company’s procedures. In terms of programme planning, these professionals need to work towards ensuring the procurement and reconciliation of materials. Similarly, when it comes to health, safety and environmental issues, contracts managers are responsible for maintaining and managing construction sites and subcontractors. At times, they may need to liaise with the necessary parties, ensuring that audits and reports are produced diligently.
  • Legal Advisor − Legal Advisors are hired to provide clients with legal assistance and advice. These professionals specialise in organising legal activities, drafting legal documents, structuring solutions for issues, and providing support in legal issues. They conduct legal analysis and research legal matters on a regular basis. Additionally, legal advisors prepare formalities regarding settlements of disputes, as well as monitor the implementation of the legal clauses related to the business.
  • Tax Specialist – Tax specialists are responsible for all documentation, support, researching and responding to related tax correspondence. These professionals assist with the preparation of the quarterly and annual tax provision, selected national and international tax compliance and their related tax accounting. Their day-to-day duties and responsibilities include the following:
    • Preparing calculations of research and development credit;
    • Managing tax software and implementing new features and updates;
    • Preparing selected compliance related to international subsidiaries, including foreign tax credit calculation.

We all know the Singaporean market is a highly competitive one. Many people are willing to make fake diplomas as this is an easy way to get the degree they want. However, there are a few reasons why getting a real diploma in law is still worth it. A Diploma in Law offers handsome career prospects, as it gives students the opportunity to land impressive opportunities both in terms of higher education and jobs. Choose to study law in Singapore today to increase your chances of landing respectable job roles.

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