Are the Students Really so Lazy? How to Stop Being Lazy!

Perhaps, student's life is the greatest triumph of laziness. How many of you are constantly talking about how much they want to change and get motivated to study?

This issue is common not only for the students. In the same breath the people say that they want to improve their financial condition, earn more money, or go to the gym and get healthier. Some of them even read special books to find motivation. However, nothing helps: they cannot stop being lazy.

Changing behavior

Surely, when we realize that the degree of our laziness is too high, we try to change our behavior. The question arises: how to stop being lazy? We say: "Yeah, I should do that, but…"

We all know that everything said before the word "but" does not matter, because it would never happen. We use other words, like "motivation", hoping that somewhere in the Universe there is an all-mighty power called Motivation that would solve all of our problems and save us from the tarp of laziness.

We do everything that seems intuitive, however, we find all the outcomes worthless at best, and non-productive at worst. The real reason is a desire to find that mysterious motivation elsewhere while it should be found inside of our heads only.

I want to stop procrastinating!

Lets' think about those things that every lazy kid wants to change. If you are a student that needs to study hard, the reasons to change fall in the similar bucket as for the most of people: career (success + money), intelligence, relationships. Everything is achievable. Yet, few of us do!

So, what are the ways to stop being lazy?

  • Every time you say: "I really should do that, but…"-you have already failed!
  • Laziness brings you negative outcomes, including guilt and a feeling of inadequacy. You don't need those; they will never make you productive!
  • The books about success and motivation do not work if you think that they are magical and can do everything instead of you.
  • They say: "Try harder!" However, it never works. Most people try to follow this simple policy during their entire life, and nothing ever changes.

How to stop being lazy: a simple answer

There are hundreds of ways to do all the tasks you need. You are an intelligent, creative person, you want everything to be perfect. That is the first thing that stops you from trying: a risk to fail. So, firstly, give yourself permission to get mistaken and fail.

Second, start planning. Break the actions into small tasks and will see that they are more easily achievable. Honor the promise you give to the others and the one you give to yourself.

The last thing, get a friend that would hold you accountable for the actions. Maybe some person will help you to get a college degree! Keep motivated!

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