Are Project Management Courses Worth It?

Taking a project management course costs a decent amount and because of that, some have wondered if it is really worth it. It is great figuring that out before you invest your money and time into this course that teaches the aspects of managing and planning a project.

The certification received after passing the PMI exam is recognized nationally and a lot of people who would like to improve their career took related. However, will taking a project management course really benefit you?

Here are 5 points that will help you decide on the worthiness of a project management course:

Improves resumes

A great looking resume can be a great way to kickstart a career. PMP certified project managers can enjoy the benefits of adding the skills and abilities they acquired when studying for the exam. On the other hand, by simply adding that you are PMP certified, you will get preference over other potential candidates.

In the project management scenario, a PMP certification is the most valuable qualification that you can ever get. Study PMP targeted courses to get a certificate and start embarking on the great journey of building a career in project management. Having this qualification will be a major career boost for you.

Universal recognition

Most certifications may limit the industry you may work in or the area where you can operate with the qualifications you have. Contrary to that, PMP certification is recognized globally and in all industries that need project managers.

It doesn’t matter what type of industry has a vacancy for a project manager if you have PMP certification you can apply and stand to get that job. That gives you an opportunity to also work abroad, which can be a great career move for you and increase the money you make.

More skills and abilities

In the project marketing employment field, there are a lot of competitive individuals with experience and many skills. That will make it especially harder for you to gain the attention of potential employers.

A PMP certificate will help prove that you are competent for the job because the exam entails the practical application of industry knowledge. It is almost equivalent to getting practical on the job training, which makes you seem more experienced.

With a PMP course, you get an inside look at the trade and get to immerse yourself in the day-to-day decision you need to make.

Increases salary

Project managers with PMP certification have another upper hand over those without. PMP certified project managers stand a chance to earn considerably higher because the difference can be as high as 20%.

The predictions forecast that this trend will continue to grow, which makes it important to get certified if you would like to earn more. Above the money, it can help you survive company-wide job layoffs because you will be an asset to the company you’re working for. These are probably the largest benefits of having a PMP certificate.

Networking opportunities

With project manager certification, graduates can join the PMI, a non-profit organization formed specifically for this line of work. Across the world, the organization has more than 700,000 active members and you can be part of that worldwide family.

They also organize meetings in major cities for the members to earn the Professional Development Units, which are mandatory to keep their qualifications valid for three years.

Apart from reviving your qualifications in these meetings, you can take part in meaningful conversations with fellow PMP certificate holders. Also, these meetings have time for job opportunities to be advertised to potential applicants.

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