3 Most Sought-after Specialisations in BBA

The business administration field has attracted many students at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. This can be accredited to the range of opportunities the sector provides and the scope of knowledge it offers. Many professionals opt for a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) to secure a successful professional career. However, to start a career in business administration, it is important to set the foundation right. Hence, for students who aim to work as business professionals within top organisations, the first step towards your goal is to acquire an undergraduate degree in business administration.

A degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is focused on helping students acquire basic knowledge of the key business principles and fundamentals. When going through their BBA admission, students are allowed to choose from a range of specialisations that they wish to forge a career in. In this blog, we will focus on three BBA specialisations that can help you reach your professional goals and lay the foundation for your career.

Top 10 BBA specialisations

  • BBA Digital Marketing: Digital marketing has successfully changed the landscape of all promotional activities across the world, with top organisations using this marketing technique to expand their audience reach to a global level. Acquiring a BBA qualification with specialisation in digital marketing will equip you with necessary and relevant skills for working in a digitally-driven environment. You will acquire broad base knowledge on various digital marketing concepts like customer relationship management, digital media laws, content marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, supply chain management and more. After pursuing a BBA in Digital Marketing, you can choose to top it up with a postgraduate degree or choose from job roles such as digital strategist, SEO specialist, digital business marketer and copywriter.
  • BBA Analytics and Big Data: Big Data Analytics has become a core function for organisations over the years. As the number of organisations and startups have increased, the volume of data created has also shot up. This led to the need for a regulatory function which could not only decipher data but derive useful information from it. Pursuing a BBA in Analytics and Big Data will familiarise you with the key concepts of data analytics and how it can be used to the advantage of organisations. You will acquire in-depth knowledge about a range of subjects including business analytics, advanced statistics, data management, design thinking, business intelligence, data visualisation and preparation, data mining, artificial intelligence and more.
  • BBA Media Management: The expanse of media services, especially in India, is huge. Today, the media industry is facing a large-scale demand for skilled and efficient media professionals who can take on the challenges that the industry poses. A degree in BBA Media Management will allow you to learn the various concepts involved in media management such as brand management, communication theories, event management, advertising and sales promotion, design thinking, corporate social responsibility, customer relationship management, venture ideation and more. After completing this undergraduate degree, you can take up job roles such as that of a press officer, copy editor, broadcasting manager, product manager and public relation officer.

If you are planning to pursue BBA as an undergraduate degree, ensure that you take up a specialisation that you can forge a successful career in. Furthermore, apply for universities that offer high-quality education, global learning environment and placement opportunities. Search for the best university and start your BBA admission today.

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