Why People Cannot Resist Clearance Sales?

Everyone loves a good sale. Clearance sales are one of the favorite parts of stores for many people, which is why everyone rushes past the front items and goes to the back of the store when shopping. This is the area of the store where all of the sales are and where you can find items that are seriously marked down from where they were before. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through the top reasons why people can’t resist clearance sales.

The Fear Of Missing Out

The first reason why someone won’t be able to resist a clearance sale is pretty psychological. Humans don’t like missing out on things. We don’t like other people having things that we don’t have, so that’s why we all rush for clearance sales. What if someone else finds that leather jacket of your dreams that’s 50% off and you see it later on them? That’s something that we as human beings just can’t stand.


Another reason why we all rush towards the clearance sales is the fact that we are all, by nature, competitive beings. And shopping has been seen time and time again to be a competitive sport. We want to beat others to the sale so that we can say that we found this on discount. And that’s especially true when it comes to big clearance sales that are only on for a limited time.

Assumed Value

Let’s look at an example really quickly. Take a $500 pair of shoes that’s been marked down to $150 during a clearance sale. But then you look to your left and you see a full-priced shoe that’s valued at $100. Which of these pairs of shoes are you going to see as being more valuable? Most likely you are going to see the first pair that was originally $500 as more valuable. That’s because those marked at $100 full price are not seen as high of a value as those that are $500, simply because they are marked at a lower price.

We love to assume the value of products and services based on their price. Most people just can’t tell the real value of something without the price on the sticker to guide us along.

Are You Saving or Spending?

Another big reason why someone would go to the clearance section of the store is the fact that they just want to save money. When you look down at your receipt and see that you “saved” a certain amount of money on your purchase from what you originally would have spent, then this is something that people love to see.

No one wants to see that they’ve spent a lot of money. They would rather see that they saved a lot of money rather than spending hundreds of dollars that you could spend otherwise on more important things than that new outfit.

Time Investment

No one likes to spend hours trying to find the perfect sale to spend their money on. That’s why most people would rather go to the store during big clearance sales than trying to find individual sales at stores. You will feel really bad when you leave a clearance sale without having bought a good amount of clothes or other products. That’s because you will have to go back home and spend the time to find new sales to go to.

There you have it! Each of these reasons are important to remember when you’re thinking about why people just can’t resist clearance sales at stores. No matter what kind of products you are buying, these are super popular with a lot of shoppers.

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