Tracking Medicine Sale Seems Tough? Cloud POS Can Help You!

How do you shop medicines?

This question will evoke two alternatives-one is directly from the market; online shopping illustrates its second one.

Well, both alternatives are pervasive and prominent. But the question is which one is the user’s (like you and me) first choice. If this question would have been raised two decades ago, the answer would be obvious (i.e. through chemist shop).

But now, the online shopping has revolutionized the trend. A survey in Malaysia revealed that 83% respondents are online shoppers. It’s an alarm to change the selling trend.

So, what’s the plan?

Why don’t you open your chemist shop online?

And, why don’t you brainstorm to merge your offline pharmacy or chemist shop with an online store?

The cloud POS can help you with it!

What’s Cloud POS?

If you know about POS aka Point-of-Sale system, you don’t need to hammer your brain hard. The composition of peripherals and central software for making transactions is a POS system. The cloud POS slightly differs from it. You don’t need to buy. Rather, just borrow the system over far located cloud. The entire system will go active on your smartphone or desktop. Later, you can access it for usage.

It’s viable and also fit good to your business-frame.

Not an impressive reason to go for the cloud POS system? It’s ok.

Run your eyes down to find them in the benefits of the POS….

Benefits of POS:

  1. Data Pool

How do you create data pool? This pool should have a complete stock of inventory, customers detailed transactions & sales. It’s usually all hospitals, dispensaries and other healthcare organization do.

However, it’s an excellent stockpiling practice. What if its space will run out? Would you integrate an external hard disk every time? To combat this space problem, the cloud POS proves really miraculous. It creates a centralized database of stock, sales and consumer transactions. Thereby, you can easily unlock & analyse real-time data and business intelligence in a wink.

  1. Remote Access

How would you deliver blood to the one battling for life if you’re caught up in a traffic jam? You’re the owner and the access key lies in your hand, then what?

Now, just swap the scenario & insert cloud services into it. You just have to access the service from wherever you’re. Then, you would be prompted to record transaction & flag off the delivery remotely. And if it’s not in the stock, the cloud will show ‘Out of Stock’. Consequently, the patient can look into other options for blood. This is what the cloud servicing of point of sales does.

  1. IT cost of maintenance

Suppose the hard disk crashed due to unknown reasons. Your wholesome data would be erased. Won’t you employ manual efforts from the zero to collect the same details? The hardship would be panicking. And your valuable data can be wiped away.

The cloud POS helps you get off such an odd and ugly situation. Its software automatically updates. This is how no error shoots in processing. And the service provider bears the pan accountability.

  1. Supply chain visibility

Isn’t it really a tough battle to balance the stock in every branch of the reputed hospital? But with this service, you need not worry. Just go through the database of inventory. Check the item details. Their counts will be crystal clearly available. Just catch the exact value in a wink and maintain the balance religiously.

  1. Potential to expand

Can you premeditate your growth dimension? How many franchises you would have in the upcoming year-do you have any idea?

It’s simple. Go through the customers’ database. Collect the details over which franchise will come up with more demands. The real-time analysis of that data will let you dive into correct decisions. Thereafter, you can go the extra miles via expansion.

  1. Reliability & security

Since cloud service providers are third-party, they make sure software updates in-time. Also, they have the agile and robust security walls. Resultantly, cyber spies feel unable to commit any kind of cyber crime.

  1. Reduced operational cost

How much do you spend on logistic services for availing the medicines in urgency? Hospitals and healthcare units now and then witness emergency cases. And the emergency delivery costs an arm and a leg. What’ll happen if the supply of the medicine would not be on-time?

Obviously, several patients will go critical. Consequently, your reputation will be spoilt. And your extraordinary expenses will prove a scrap.

The cloud-based point- of- sale system automatically updates about the upcoming requirements. Therefore, you can go through analytics and forecast the future requirements. Then, you can hit the bull’s eye with the surplus stock.

  1. Improve customer service

Meeting expectation of the customers is a hard nut to crack. But the registered transactions can reveal what they like & their likely demands. However, they don’t disclose it openly. But you can premeditate easily. Monitor their searches. A check on which page they spent more time. And half the battle will be in your favour.


If you have any questions, please ask below!