The Main Benefits of an 1800 Number for Your Business [Infographic]

Large businesses already know the value of the toll free phone number, but it is the small and medium size business owner that often does not understand the importance of having a toll free number. There are many advantages to having one, and once you have acquired one, you will most likely see a wide range of benefits. The following are four benefits to your business.

It gives people an impression of both size and professionalism
Prospective customers will most likely think your business is larger than it actually is. This is important because people tend to trust a larger company than a smaller one when they are buying a product. This is especially true with people who are ordering products from a website. In addition, a business that has an 1800 number is not focused on every dollar of their expenses. You are telling people that you want their business, and whether the customer is placing an order or asking a question, you are willing to pay for the call

You can customize the number
This simply means that you can pay for a phone number that spells out a word that is related to your business or product. When this is done, a prospective customer will find it easier to remember, and they will be more likely to call you. By way of example only, a business that sells cigars could have a number of 1800-CIGARS.

Your business can move without disrupting sales
Once you have a toll free number, it doesn't matter where you locate your business. It is common for a business owner to relocate for many reasons. The growth of a company can create a need for more space. If you relocate to another area, it is quite possible you will need to change your phone number. This can be a disaster for your sales, but with an 1800 number, your telephone number will be the same no matter where your company moves.

Several toll free numbers can be purchased for tracking sales
You can advertise in several media using different toll free numbers. By doing this, you will automatically know which adverting is the most effective. This strategy can be used with websites, radio, television and printed advertisements.

Whether you desire several 1800 numbers or only one, your business will benefit from it. There are several companies that offer toll free numbers. Zintel is one such example.


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