The Life of an International Salesman: Practical tips for Corporate Travel

From the outside looking in, the life of an international salesman is one to savour. This is particularly true for those whose firms’ operate in remote and exotic locations all around the world, as representatives must travel to these destinations while having their expenses paid and accommodation paid for. The truth about life as an international salesman is not as easy or as luxurious as you may think, however, as this demographic must face a number challenges through the course of their working day.

Overseas sales reps must spend a great deal of time away from their families, for example, while they must also invest a great deal of time into organising the logistics of international travel and liaising between countries. When you also factor in the fatiguing nature of overseas travel and the volatility that currently exists in the global economy, it becomes clear that international salesmen have a far more difficult existence than first meets the eye.

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With this in mind, corporate travellers must take proactive and practical steps to ease their lifestyle and organise their time more effectively. Here are three tips that can help international salesmen to achieve these goals: –

Partner with a Strategic Corporate Travel Firm

As you can probably tell, international salesmen are often forced to think strategically when organising their time. This can be difficult when also undertaking a full-time job, however, so it may be a worthwhile investment to partner with an established, strategic corporate travel firm.

These outlets, such as Reed and Mackay, have experienced huge demand in recent times as a growing number of companies have expanded into international markets. Renowned for their breadth and quality of service and ability to handle seemingly small details such as booking suitable seats on flights, these firms can be employed to take the hassle out of international travel and allow you to focus on your career and personal life.

Stay Connected through Modern Technology

This is another important consideration, as one of the most challenging aspects of life as an international salesman is being forced to spend time away from friends, family and loved ones. With this in mind, you will need to invest in the type of technology. software and hardware that enables you to stay connected with those at home.

A smartphone is a must, for example, although you should also consider taking a tablet so that you can enjoy fulfilling face-time and Skype chats with your loved ones. It is also important to ensure that this technology can function to an optimal level abroad, with 4G connectivity and communication tools such as Viber and Whats App ideal for cost-effective and real-time communication.

On a final note, be sure to tailor your smartphone tariff when working abroad or travelling for business purposes, as otherwise roaming charges can cost you a fortune.

Develop a Viable Eating and Sleeping Routine

We have already touched on the fact that a corporate travel service provider can organise the intricate details of your overseas trips, but it is important to remember that they will always act on your instructions. You therefore need to stipulate these in careful detail, while also ensuring that you establish suitable eating and sleeping routines when travelling.

It is important to optimise the amount of sleep that you get while travelling, for example, so be strive to book flights at a similar time when heading out. This allows you to create a routines through which you eat prior to boarding the plane, before brushing your teeth and preparing yourself for sleep as the your flight takes off.

You should request that your service provider books a window site for you, as this will help you to avoid being disturbed and makes it easier to sleep while travelling. This is the type of small detail that can heavily influence your trip, so be proactive and consider every conceivable detail.

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