The Benefits of Using a Customer Point of Sale Display

Easter_PoS_DisplayAdvertising is typically focused around many different things. There are many varying factors that go into creating an effective advertising campaign. For example, advertising professionals will always take into account the gender, the age of the potential buyer, whether or not this demographic has a family and so on. One of the differences between targeting female and male buyers is the impulse factor.

Recent studies have shown time and time again that, in general, women are typically emotional buyers whereas men tend be impulse buyers. This is, as you can imagine, not a ‘set in stone' rule by any stretch of the imagination. There are many exceptions that prove this rule but, in general, it's fair to say that women will make their purchases based on emotional reasons, while men make theirs based on impulse reasons. So when targeting male customers, advertising companies will often focus on the impulse urge.

Point of sale displays are a great example of advertising targeted towards impulse buyers. A point of sale display, or POS display as it is often referred to, is a display that is designed to grab the buyer's attention at the checkout. There are quite a number of things that go into the design of such displays, but they are all typically designed around impulse buying at the checkout counter.

There are several types of POS displays such as window displays, counter displays and floor display bins. Some of them are open cases and some are closed cases. Regardless of which one you have, the main idea is to craft a display that uses particular marketing triggers create to capitalise on the impulsive nature of making a purchase. A well thought out point of sale display shouldn't necessarily focus on the impulse buying factor or urge, but it should also be aesthetically engaging in its own right and lead to an increase in sales.

Point of sale displays also work as an up-sell of sorts. In the online market, up-sells that present themselves at the point of sale i.e. a sales page or landing page, will typically convert at up to 30 percent. That is a good analogy to the brick and mortar world with regards to point of sale displays. The idea is very similar. When people are in the right frame of mind to buy, it's usually a good time to up-sell them for another additional purchase. There have been many studies that have shown this as you will easily discover for yourself by doing your own research on the internet.

With all this in mind, remember that point of sales displays are not a one size fits all solution to marketing up-sells. A good point of sale display is custom built according to the marketing strategy being used, the demographic of targeted buyers, and other market researched and tested criteria. Care should be taken when choosing the right manufacturing company, if you are looking for a state-of-the-art, custom point of sale display for your store. Common sense would suggest that finding a manufacturing company who has been in business for some time and proven results with point of sale displays will be able to get you the results you want.

But What Makes a Good Point of Sale Ad?

Particularly with the advent of digital technology, point of sale advertising is becoming more and more dependent on high-definition, professional images. Recent studies indicate that enticing, clear images of the product being used in a relevant way are the best way to get a customer to buy right there and then! Some hospitality point of sale displays will show different images depending on the time of day: a coffee and croissant for the morning rush, a sandwich for lunch time and a standard meal for dinnertime.

Bar and nightclubs, in particular, almost rely upon the digital point of sale media channels. Patrons will sometimes have a long time waiting to make their order, so they will always be happy to have something to look at, interact with, or talk about, so point of sale solutions that are able to provide infotainment are always going to be a natural fit. And since food and beverage specials are often impulse purchases they translate well to point of sale display right at the counter.

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