SEO Tips to Increase Cannabis Sales Online

Business has become increasingly dependent upon online sales and building an online community. This includes cannabis. But how can your business grow if your website is hard to find? If users cannot find your website, how can they become paying customers? This is why is it especially important to improve your online presence and dispensary SEO. The worldwide web is just that; a web. If your website and dispensary marketing strategies aren’t connected to this web, then you’re waving goodbye to tons of potential customers and sales.


By using popular keywords throughout your site and linking them accordingly, you can increase the overall accessibility of your site. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Your dispensary’s website might be up and running, but how well is your dispensary SEO working for your online customers? A good dispensary SEO will bring your website up first when users search for your services and products.


Utilize your most high traffic and direct keywords properly in order to increase your website’s potential traffic, usability, sales, profit and customer retention. It is a good idea to focus on 3-5 keywords that best fit your business. Depending on the products and services you offer, you might want to branch out some of your keywords into other online communities and their topics to gain new interest and attract different customers. The online experience is fast and convenient, so beat out competitors by being the first listed. Your sales will only be a click away.


Make sure your website is user friendly and easy to use. A poorly functioning website can turn away countless potential customers. It’s important to ensure your site is appealing to new and old users while checking for all potential errors, glitches or other user-related issues. Professional UX/UI design can go a long way when it comes to digital marketing and the world of cannabis.


Building an online community is another important factor in your dispensary’s success. You can begin with a social media page to create a presence for your business or brand. By creating this online profile, you invite your customers to engage and trust your brand which encourages them to leave positive reviews. Positive reviews have been proven essential to the growth and sustainability of your business. A positive online review will not only do wonders for your reputation, but online reviews also help improve your dispensary SEO and website traffic.


Google is one of the largest online directories out there, making it an excellent source for free exposure. You want to ensure your dispensary SEO and marketing tactics get your page listed on Google and have your site listed for the right reasons. After a simple verification process, you can officially list your business on Google and continue building your online presence. Increased website traffic undoubtedly leads to more sales. Your positive online reviews also contribute to your potential standing on the Google search results page.

Affiliate Marketing

Expand your potential network by utilizing affiliate marketing. Simply by creating a detailed outline of your affiliate program, you can begin recruiting others to help market for you. With a commission-based pay system, you can cut costs on further marketing endeavors by implementing an easy to join affiliate program. Some companies will even reach out to online influencers or paid spaces on large platforms to market for them since these sources already have a voice and audience within the cannabis community.

Online dispensary marketing and sales are at an all-time high and society continues to become more dependent upon technology. Having a strong online presence and effective dispensary SEO framework will continue to open up doors to new sales, new customers, and endless growth for your dispensary and business. Your website alone could be what puts you above the competition in the world of digital cannabis marketing.

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