How to Make your Sales Call Compelling and Effective

Making a sales call is what many people dread and as a result they are not able to deliver to their potential. But, it is not all that difficult. In fact you could make an enjoyable (and profitable) experience out of it if you get the basics right. Below are some tips to guide you in becoming an effective, confident and successful sales person.

Sales Call

1) A client's attention span is short and you need to make the most out of it

Time is scarce and it is usual to find clients preoccupied with so many other important things. While you make a sales call, you just have a few seconds with you to persuade the client. So, always remember that the first few seconds that you get are precious and you need to craft a pitch strategically so that your prospective client gets a clear idea of how your product will add value to his business.

2) Value your client

While you meet your prospects, be sure that you are prepared well; be dressed at your best and gather some important information about your clients that will help you connect with them better. If you have met a number of people belonging to the same industry as your client, and in the process if you have managed to know some interesting aspects about the industry, do not forget to share them with your client. It will reflect that you value your relationship with the client.

3) A well crafted opening sales pitch

The opening statement of your sales call is perhaps the most important part of your call as this is what will determine whether your prospect would entertain you. Make sure the opening sentences are crisp and yet polite. It should tell the prospect who you are, what you are offering and how it fits with the needs of the prospect.

4) Respect the gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are important people and it pays to be in their good books. Make it a point be polite and respectful to them. While speaking to them over a phone call, be humble enough to ask for their help so that they can put you through to the right person.

5) Be consistent and persistent

In many cases the prospect does find your product interesting, but his need may not be compelling enough, and he is likely to remain passive in terms of seeing the things and move forward after your first meeting. You have to make sure that the client does not find you to be too pushy.

This is where you need to be persistent and continuously follow up. It has been observed that a majority of new sales are materialized only after fifth contact. So there is no reason to lose hope if you get a cold response in your second meeting. So be patient and polite, and continue to be in touch with the client.

6) Know your customer

If you want the sales call to be interesting and interactive, make sure that you know your client's perspective well. So, even before you reach out, try and do some research about the client using secondary and primary resources. Understand his needs and find out which one of your product would fit his needs and then pitch accordingly.

7) Let the customer know the objective of your call

Shortly after you greet the person, quickly summarize the purpose of your call. While doing so try and relate your product attributes to your client needs. It is best to be polite and put the purpose of your meeting as if you are seeking permission of the client.

8) A common link

If you find someone whom you both know, conversions are more likely to happen. The client is likely to treat you with more respect and have a better comfort level. It also becomes easier for you to build a rapport with the client.

9) Understand the client perspective and position your product accordingly

Customers are not interested in the product as such, but rather interested in how the products or services make a difference to their lives. So mould your communication accordingly. The agenda of your discussion is not how good your product is, but rather how it will help the client. In a nutshell, focus on the benefits and not the features.

10) Innovate new techniques and try and give yourself an unbiased feedback after every call

Markets are dynamic and so are client needs, behavior and psychology. You need to be conscious of this and keep learning with every new sales call you take. While making sales calls, be open to experimentation and keep measuring the outcome of each experiment. While trying out new methods, make enough number of trials using the same method, so that the results you get are reliable.

Wrap up

It is important that you apply these simple rules consistently in all of your sales calls. You might find adhering to all of these things a bit difficult in the beginning, but over time as you practice, you can effortlessly make successful sales call.

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