How Retailers Can Stand Out with Wholesale Clothing In 2024

For retailers who rely on purchasing wholesale apparel, the real challenge is in finding ways to make the products unique. With so many competitors selling similar styles sourced from wholesalers, having strategies to differentiate your offering is key to attracting customers and bolstering your position in the market this year.

When vetting wholesale suppliers to establish a relationship, make sure to ask the right questions.

Questions like:


The request for quotation is a great way to get good prices from suppliers, as long as you don’t treat it like an instant message.


You should ask if there is a minimum order quantity so as to know whether you can afford purchasing just the minimum quantity. Some wholesalers only offer the best prices when your order goes above minimum.

Shipping Speed

You obviously would want to know how fast they can ship your order.


If you can afford them, why not? It’s how you confirm you are dealing with the right wholesaler, unless they don’t offer samples.

By putting some extra thought and effort into selecting and presenting wholesale apparel, retailers can mold their inventory beyond the sea of correspondence.

If you want to make your store pop, these tips can help.

  1. Private Labels

Exclusivity is a great start. Developing your own private label clothing brand gives you just that. And of course, control. Sourcing basics like t-shirts, hoodies or caps and having your custom logo or brand name sewn in or printed on transforms them into products shoppers can only get from you. Investing in high quality materials and flattering fits powers up your private label to compete with bigger brands. Make sure to promote it heavily in-store and online to gain brand recognition.

  1. Offer Customization

Allowing customization of clothing makes pieces feel personalized to each customer. Services like embroidery, screen printing or patches let people put their own name, initials or design onto hoodies, jackets, bags and other items. You can set up an ordering system for shoppers to submit their customization requests and have their one-of-a-kind pieces delivered. Another option is offering in-store personalization only, making it an experience for customers and encouraging them to physically visit the store.

  1. Curate Themes

Rather than just stocking a random assortment of styles, retailers can curate their clothing around specific vibes, occasions or customer interests. For example, assemble the perfect capsule of festival fashion. Or put together a shoppable collection of workout gear featuring complementary pieces like leggings, sports bras and sneakers. A selection with a cohesive theme helps convey your retailer’s point of view and makes it easy for customers with specific needs to shop.

  1. Focus on Local Pride

Source wholesale custom apparel like t-shirts, hats or sweatshirts that celebrate your city or state. Local shoppers will appreciate gear that shows hometown pride. Look for styles that play off iconic landmarks, team colors of sports franchises, city nicknames or popular food specialties only insiders would know. Add unique offerings like vintage-logo tees, throwback athletic wear or localized graphic prints.

  1. Spot First, Succeed Fast

Staying on top of trends and scouring your wholesale suppliers for certain looks before they hit it big lets you stand ahead of the curve. Attend industry trade shows or follow runway coverage to get a glimpse at upcoming trends. If you spot a new pattern, length or silhouette about to get hot, snap it up when you first see it emerge in wholesale lines. Your customers will take notice of your on-trend, fashion-forward selection.

  1. Go Sustainable

Sourcing apparel from wholesalers gives you a wider selection of eco-friendly garments from brands that prioritize sustainability. This helps set your business apart. Many shoppers want to reduce fashion’s environmental impact with their purchases. Carry organic cottons, recycled fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Seek out ethical wholesalers like ShirtsBargain that offer a variety of eco-friendly garments from top brands like Comfort Colors. Your pick of brands also help you promote the values behind the clothing you choose.

The key is to put some thought into selecting the right pieces to buy in bulk, keeping your target customers in mind. Then you just need to work on promoting said pieces with add-ons or playing into local pride. To make even the basic apparel feel special, your focus should ideally shift to finding a reputed wholesale supplier first; one that offers discounts on bulk orders on a constantly updated collection of top quality apparel from popular brands.

Once you get that done, you simply need to inject your unique perspective and give customers clothing options they can’t find anywhere else.

If you have any questions, please ask below!