How Retailers Can Prepare for Back to School Season

The school season is right around the corner. With summer drawing to a close, it is the time parents love and kids dread. While there may be mixed emotions regarding the back to school season, there are ways retailers can prepare to help make it more exciting for everyone and maximize their profits.

  1. Host An Event To Bring In Customers

With summer on its way out, now is the time to appeal to students and parents alike during the back to school rush. To help drum up business among parents and students alike, create a back to school event that is fun and caters to kids.

This could feature a local band with good eats or a bouncy castle out front. Hosting a unique back to school event will help show parents that you care about making this time fun and exciting for their kids.

  1. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a powerful asset and should be used by all businesses to increase traffic and sales. If you have not already, creating a business page for your business is an easy process. Social media platforms that could be useful for businesses include Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

To capture the attention of your audience, post more than just text. For back to school season, post graphics featuring your sales and special items that might fly off the shelves quicker than others. Social media can also be useful for keeping your customers in the loop when new stock arrives in the store.

  1. Stock Up On Seasonal Products

Back to school season is known for backpacks, new sneakers, and finding the perfect first day outfit. Being stocked up on these seasonal products will help to show your customers that you care about back to school season and want to make sure you provide the best products.

One of the products that businesses should stock up on, in relation to back to school wholesale clothing, are polo shirts wholesale. Investing in wholesale polo shirts will mean that more than just parents and kids will seek out your business.

While wholesale polo shirts are great as every day back to school tops, they are often sought after by school organizations. Polo shirts wholesale, especially blank polo shirts, are useful for sport’s teams, private schools, and field trips.

Almost 50% of public schools implement a school uniform dress code, so you will want to have a supply to meet that need. Providing customers with polo shirts wholesale can help them find exactly what they are looking for, while staying within the constraints of the school’s policy.

  1. Advertise A Back To School Sale

Nothing drives business more than a good sale. A lot of businesses host sales at this time on their discounted merchandise or out of season stock. Stand out from the crowd and offer discounts on fresh stock that students and parents could benefit from now.

You can advertise your sale via social media, newspapers, or newsletters sent out to customers who have signed up to receive news and information. You can also set up a special promotion for those who have given you their email address. Posting about this on social media could encourage more customers to sign up for email alerts.

  1. Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Sometimes it is difficult to keep your customers informed of the happenings of the business. However, it is important to always keep your customers notified of sales, new stock, or changing hours. You may choose to open earlier or later to help parents shop more of your sales.

Consider sending out a newsletter or letting your customers know via social media. They will appreciate you, as the business owner, touching base with them. When customers enter your store, greet them, inform them of any special discounts that are currently running and make sure they know that their business is appreciated. A friendly environment will help to generate sales.

Back to school season can be a very exciting time for retailers. Utilize these tips to help provide just what your customers are looking for and make this season an enjoyable time for all. Prove to your customers that you are genuinely engaged with the changing tides and equipped to give them what they are looking for.

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