Five Ways to Increase Inbound Sales Calls

Inbound sales calls are inquiries, comments or requests that are made to businesses. Companies should be prepared for every call that could lead to a sale. Each sale could lead to a growing relationship with a potential long-term customer. Here are five proven ways to improve and increase your inbound sales calls.

Personalize Sales Calls

Personalize each call that you receive from a potential buyer. Start by greeting the caller by name. An experienced salesperson knows each one personally and has his or her profile on an electronic file. Clients are more likely to call back to sales representatives who remember their names and stories.

Assign Specific Sales Representatives

Assign every new caller to a sales representative who will be in charge of handling that person’s account. Many people dislike talking to a new stranger every time they make a new call. They have to repeat their story all over again to strangers who seem uncaring to their situation. Your customers react more favorably to representatives who remember their names and individual stories.

Showing your Number Everywhere

This seems obvious but an alarming amount of businesses make people search around to find their contact information. Another issue many businesses run into is not keeping their information up to date on external directory sites. You can also input your number in the meta information of your site so google picks it up and displays your contract information immediately when people search for your company.

Avoid Putting Callers on Hold

Being put on hold indefinitely is the worst complaint from callers. Most customers don’t like the idea of waiting a long time, not knowing when it’s their turn to receive services. Any business that provides a 800 number should hire more workers to fix this issue. Avoid putting callers on hold by redirecting their calls to other customer service representatives.

Consider Your Customers Timezones

It is generally accepted that most successful sales calls happen around 3-5 pm. What you need to consider though is the location most of your prospective customers reside in. If you are based on the east coast and making your calls based on local time you could be catching people on the west coast during lunchtime. Make sure to look into your analytics for both the location of your prospective clients along with the highest converting timeframe for your calls as you shouldn’t just take the 3-5 pm timeframe as fact.

Avoid Generic Lists

Memorize your sales script, but don’t read from it verbatim. Speaking in general terms makes the salesperson sound like an uncaring, unfeeling machine. Most sales clients want to feel appreciated, and this means connecting to them on a personal level.

Use the script only as a guideline for what you should consider saying. Scripts are made mostly for beginners, though. An experienced salesperson has good negotiation skills and speaks from memory.

Schedule Regular Sales Training

You could increase your number of sales calls by the tens of thousands. But if you don’t have well-trained salespeople working, you’ll lose hundreds of calls that you’ll never be able to gain back. Set up a regular training schedule for your sales professionals.

Sales training is a review of important tools and techniques that are used to sell products and services. The size of your business doesn’t matter as much as the number of sales. Create a schedule based on the number of sales that you earn per week or month. People who make hundreds of sales per month should consider retraining their sellers once every three or four months. They must continually learn to adapt to constant changes in the marketplace that will affect their sales campaigns.

Every inbound sales call is a potential customer who could benefit your company. There are countless techniques to use for increasing the number of sales calls you receive. The most important step is to improve the ways that your salespeople communicate with new and old clients. Work on keeping them on the phone for as long as possible. Then, look for other ways to increase results for your sales campaign.

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