Office Furniture Trends for 2015

The interior of your office is as important as the decor of your home. If the furniture is badly designed or uncomfortable, or your office looks shabby, this will affect your productivity and your general well being.

Start 2015 by decluttering

Office Trends For 2015

In your private life it's always a good idea to start the year with some clean and empty space and the same applies to offices. The influential website Trend Bible suggests that everyone should make an effort to start the New Year by de-cluttering their minds as well as the physical space around. Health in the workplace will be a theme throughout 2015. If you're looking for ergonomic furniture that can easily be moved from office to office, then castors from Tente will make your life easier.

Good office design will increase productivity

Everyone works better when they are happy. How desks are placed, the colours used on the walls and the lighting systems are all an integral part of contemporary office design. According to a report published by The Guardian, Clive Lucking from the Forefront Group said that offices should be: ‘ideally a combination of entertainment, home comforts, technology and interactive areas.' He added that, ‘the average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime.' Chairs should support the back, and tables and desks should always be adjustable to suit people of different heights.

The soft office

The soft office

Industry experts have all highlighted the introduction of softer looking chairs and design features in contrast to the angular chrome and glass furnishings of previous years. The design magazine InDesign recently published an article that stated that more offices will have relaxation areas or breakout spaces where members of staff can chill out and take time away from their workstations. Popular colours for furniture included baby blue and other pastels. Director of the Boss Design Group, Brian Murray, who spoke to the magazine said: ‘communication, collaboration, sustainability and flexibility are just some of the driving forces behind the design of office furniture today.'

A pleasant working environment

pleasant working environment

It's not just office furniture that will face a makeover in 2015. The office layout is also set to change. You'll start to notice a more welcoming and attractive environment in your office. Clusters of desks will be broken up with plants and the odd occasional chair. Chief executives will be encouraged to have comfortable sofas in their offices as well as the more traditional high backed leather armchairs. You should also notice that office furniture will be constructed from light coloured sustainable wood.

Colour and curves

Harsh lighting is out and warmer lights are on trend. The ideal office walls will be painted blue or green as these are deemed to be relaxing colours in 2015. Look out for desks with curved edges and even fish tanks around the place. 2015 will be the year when your well being at work will be valued-though you'll probably still be working long hours the idea is to take some of the stress out of your environment.

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