Why Every Business Must Get Positive Reviews Monthly To Stay In Business

reviewWith numerous products and services offered by Local Business, consumers are never running out of choices. People make an average of 70 choices daily. Because of this, people can be indecisive. Everyone wants to choose the best product and service they can get. After all, no one desires to be stuck with a poor product and unsatisfactory service that easily translates to careless spending. It’s no wonder that consumer reviews are important before purchasing a product or availing that certain service.

Consumer reviews influence purchase decision. The buying decision of a customer can be influenced by online reviews of fellow consumers who have already bought and utilized the product or service. Most consumers deemed these online reviews as trustworthy and seek them rather than ask salespersons or read the description that the manufacturer has printed on the label. Consumers are more likely to trust a product that has earned positive reviews.

Why getting positive reviews?

Getting positive reviews will help your business:

  1. It will solidify your business. As potential customers visit review sites like Yelp and Google for reviews, they will view your business as legitimate and will likely purchase from yours, especially if your profile is complete.
  2. It helps increase revenue. One study determined that one star added on a Yelp review has led to a 5% to 9% increase in revenue for the business. An average of 18% uplift in sales is produced thanks to reviews, according to Reevoo.
  3. You can gain free advertisement. Positive reviews can start an uproar through word-of-mouth. Satisfied consumers will recommend your products to their peers. It’s a free advertisement on your part. You don’t need to spend much on advertising your product in print and media.
  4. Positive reviews will let you know the strengths of your business. You can use this to improve your services and products further.

How to get positive reviews?

  1. Have great customer service. Never let disgruntled and unsatisfied customers leave without fixing things up with them. Customers who have a bad experience generally equate it to bad customer service and it will generate bad publicity for your business.
  2. Create a quick and easy feedback process for your customers. Too long or too complicated review process may discourage customers in giving reviews. You can simply ask your customers to leave a quick star rating from one to five. This provides a useful summary score, and enough detail for other customers.
  3. You can offer an incentive to your customer to get them into your feedback review system, for their time and effort in signing up with your business. However offering incentives online is discouraged by some review sites.
  4. Never purchase fake reviews. Fake reviews are not tolerable and are not appreciated by customers.
  5. Use a review system. A positive review system is a useful way to have ongoing positive reviews from customers. Having ongoing monthly positive reviews keeps a 5 star reputation for your business even when that occasional negative review comes in.
  6. As a courtesy, respond to the reviews. Positive or not, thank the customer for leaving a review.

Do negative reviews matter?

Just like positive reviews, negative reviews also matter. Negative reviews are opportunities for you to know the weaknesses of your business and the areas that need improvement or changes. Apart from these, negative reviews can work to your advantage. A blend of positive and negative reviews on a local business is favorable as long as the business keeps a 5 star reputation, it will improve consumer trust. It will make the positive reviews more believable. However, negative reviews without multiple positive reviews will deter a consumer from purchasing your product or service. So, always keep the positive reviews

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