The #1 Tips for Creating Unique Marijuana Packaging

People widely use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes all around the world. Thus, it is produced by multiple manufacturers as well. This makes the competition in this industry tough. Hence, if you own such a business, it is essential to make your Marijuana Boxes unique. This will make your marijuana products distinctive from other similar products and increase your sales as well. Read this out till the end to know the best ways to make your packaging impressive.

Make Your Packaging Even Prettier:

Marijuana is available in different forms. Thus, finding the right design for your box is necessary. Moreover, you should choose a design that is not only elegant but functional as well. Complicated packaging often irritates customers who may stop them from repurchasing your marijuana products. Thus, efficient packaging increases customer satisfaction, and people prefer to repurchase from your brand again.

There are many designs available for Wholesale Marijuana Packaging. Furthermore, you can customize the size and shape of any design you choose. Some commonly used designs are:

Tuck-end boxes.

Sleeve boxes.

Hexagon boxes.

Gable bags.

Two-piece boxes

You can also include inserts to increase the efficiency of the boxes. Inserts keep the marijuana products in place, making them easier to use. Moreover, they also make the assembling of marijuana products more appealing. The inserts mostly used for this purpose are:



Punch inserts.


Choose Sturdy Materials to Keep Your Marijuana Products Safe.

Marijuana products need to be kept safe, especially from moisture and humidity. Hence, it is vital to choose thick and resilient materials. This will maintain the freshness of your marijuana products as well. Also, you should make sure that you choose a high-quality material. A good quality sturdy material maintains the structure of your packaging for a longer time. Moreover, it will provide excellent protection to marijuana products and increase their shelf-life as well.

Cardstock, also known as pasteboard, is a common choice for these boxes. This material is not only thick but inexpensive as well. Thus, you can keep your marijuana products safe while staying within your budget. Similarly, you can also use rigid material for custom marijuana packaging boxes.

However, you can also use kraft material if you want eco-friendly marijuana packaging. Kraft material is durable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly as well. Moreover, it can be customized in shape, size, width, length. By choosing kraft material, you can protect your marijuana products while keeping the environment safe as well.

Add to the Appeal of Your Designs:

Creating an eye-catching design is crucial to make your packaging stand out from the rest. A customer will not stop to know more about your marijuana products if their packaging is not appealing. This is because customers rely heavily on the packaging and the price of any product when buying it. Thus, intriguing packaging can help pique the customer’s interest and increase your sales as well.

A better color mixup can produce an effective design for your box. Thus, you can choose any color scheme for your packaging. To make the colors look even better, you can select a suitable color model as well. The color models available for marijuana packaging retail are:

CMYK: This model uses four colors; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to make other colors. This quality makes this color model inexpensive.

PMS: The Pantone Matching System uses different codes for every color. Thus, it is a relatively have very high price than CMYK.

In addition to this, you can also customize the coating of your CBD oil boxes as well. An appropriate coating can significantly enhance the design of your box. The coatings available are

Gloss coating.

Matte coating.

Similarly, you can also use add-ons for a more elegant look. Add-ons act like accessories for your boxes and can make any design look irresistible. Packaging companies offer various add-ons that can be utilized in any way you want. The available add-ons are:



Foil stamping.


PVC windows.

Give a Glimpse of What’s Inside.

You can use window boxes to make your custom marijuana packaging look even more amazing. Window boxes are an excellent way to upgrade the design of your box. These boxes have die-cut windows that are covered with PVC. Thus, they give a sneak peek of the marijuana products inside. Moreover, this feature intrigues customers to know more about your marijuana products. So, by using window boxes, you can enhance your marijuana products’ display and increase sales as well.

Print Necessary Information on The Packaging

Although marijuana is famous for its medical uses, its overdose can be harmful as well. Thus, it is best to use customizable printing to let customers know more about your marijuana products. This information may include the recommended dosage, precautionary measures and expiration date, etc. Thus, the details printed on medical pre roll packaging will guide customers on how to use marijuana products.

Furthermore, you can also customize the printing technique for custom printed marijuana packaging. These techniques include:

Offset printing.

Digital printing.

Flexography printing.

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