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When offering your product to the world, the approach is everything. There are many ways of attracting new users, clients, customers, and followers, and almost all of them are highly adaptable. Since the world of marketing is constantly changing, being updated is crucial, so here are some of the most sustainable and effective marketing strategies of today, ready to be put into use.

General Trends

There is a huge difference between the traditional concepts of marketing and what can be found everywhere around us at the moment. Just imagine how a Don Draper-type of marketing genius could adapt to the 21st-century world of clicks, banners and product placements.

What was working just a few decades ago is no longer sustainable, and people pay less and less attention to TV commercials, print ads found in newspapers and magazines. What they, on the other hand, do pay attention to is digital marketing – websites, social media, and videos that go viral. So, where can you find a balance between these approaches?

Plunging into the Digital World

The popularity of a brand used to be measured in the number of ads, commercials and billboards an average user sees on a daily basis. The more of these around you, the more successful the brand is. Nowadays, however, the popularity and importance of a certain company are most often measured by its presence in the virtual world.

With that in mind, before even considering digital marketing solutions, you will need a good website. You can get one established by a third party for an affordable price. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can hire a freelance website designer to do the job for you, even if you are all the way across the globe.

By transferring more of your company onto the Internet and social media, you reach concepts like conversion rate, the number of Facebook likes, retweets, Instagram followers and similar. At first, these look too mundane to be taken seriously but are de facto the most important parts of your digital marketing campaign.

As the number of people who identify with your brand raises, the chance that some of them will turn into paying customers becomes increasingly bigger – that is how you turn clicks and likes into cents and dollars. Just one successful tweet can be seen by millions and trigger great popularity.

Do Not Sleep on the Old School

traditional marketing

However, just because the Internet is holding the biggest slice of the marketing pie does not mean that some of the more classic techniques and approaches are worthless. Traditional marketing is still unavoidable and that fact brings joy to consumers and companies alike.

What needs to be done in order for these to work is a different approach focused on modern consumers and users that are so embedded into the virtual world that they often do not even acknowledge the physical one around them. Here is where smart product positioning and intriguing campaigns come into play – as long as your product is marketed attractive, it will be noticeable and sought for.

Viable Visual Stimuli

In order to be distinguishable from the crowd, your brand has to be visually appealing and recognizable. This is why some of the more traditional ways of marketing are now enhanced and becoming more stimulating – finally, they sometimes get the messages through to the customers in a way that is more powerful than digital marketing.

All of these heavily rely on a good printing job that will make them stand out of their boring surroundings – buyers, after all, have no problem paying for pretty things. That is why products stacked on hangsells and placed by shelf wobblers are more popular than the others, or why plastic packaging is much better than paper, especially when it comes to binders, satchels and presentation folders. Finally, professionally designed and printed counter display units, pull-up banners and point of purchase products such as signs, posters, and banners will make your business unique and popular.

Successful Combination

Ultimately, using just one of these ways of advertising is insufficient in this day and age. Limiting your resources exclusively to social media, on the one hand, or useless print ads in magazines nobody is reading, on the other, is OK only if you have some a few extra bucks on your side. If not, prepare a marketing strategy that will include all mentioned techniques and combine them to achieve maximum sustainability.

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