Six Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Gym in Australia

modern-gymLike every business, marketing your gym to your target audience in Australia is something that is an ongoing process. Simply placing an advertisement here and there won't be enough to generate enough business for your gym to survive and thrive. You always have to be thinking about the different ways you can get your services out into the marketplace without significantly impacting your bottom line.

The good news is that there are a handful of cost effective ways to effectively promote your business within your target market. Below are six ways to help get you on your way.

Sponsor Charities

Do your research and find appropriate charity organisations and events with a view of doing short term and long term promotions. A short term example could be to donate all new members' first month fees to your charity of choice. An example of a long term promotion would be to host a program dedicated to get your members in shape for a particular event such as Tough Mudder. You could then offer 50% of the proceeds for the program to be donated to your charity of choice. On the day of the event, you could also supply gym brand products for even greater recognition. Promotional products in Australia are highly effective and cost effective means of promotion.

Sponsor an Athlete at your Gym

This can be done in a number of different ways. To begin with you can offer them branded products to use and wear during their competition. If this isn't enough incentive, you could always look at offer free membership or training packages in exchange for them essentially becoming a walking billboard for your gym.

The best part about this suggestion is that they don't have to a professional in their chosen sport or even have to win the competition they are competing in to make an impact for your brand. The association with your gym's name will give the promotion of your gym a significant boost.

Everyone Loves a Freebie

Offering something for free is a great way to promote your business. With regards to gyms, offering free personal training sessions, recipes for smoothies and nutritional counselling is a great way to get the attention of prospective clients. You should be offering whatever you can, within reason, to get them interested in your business. One thing to keep in mind when you are giving away free stuff is that you are also giving away your first impression of customer service; and as the old saying goes ‘first impressions last'. You have to demonstrate to these prospective clients that you are genuinely interested in their health and fitness and that you believe in your services 100%. Be sure to talk to them about the benefits they will receive from using your services and the opportunities that are available to them to improve their health and fitness.

Three Month Flyer Campaigns

Although this might seem like a simple solution that you can put very little effort into, never underestimate what a flyer can do for you. People can often be drawn to flyers as they have something to touch and carry with them as reminders. Ensure that your design is attractive, has factual details and offers something of value to the people you send it to.

Hand out Business Cards Whenever You Can

Always make sure you have your business cards on you, because you never known when you will need them. Each time you hand out a business card to someone, that person becomes a potential customer. Even making small talk as a customer at local businesses surrounding your gym could lead to another avenue to distribute your business card. Again, ensure these cards offer something of value to these potential customers.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth promotion is easily the most cost effective type of free promotion, but it is also the one you may have to work the hardest and longest for. Your customers may give really good reviews of your gym but this will require a substantial amount of time. You need to first gain their trust and loyalty before they will even bother to speak highly of your gym. If you provide excellent customer service, take a genuine interest in their fitness and health goals, you can almost guarantee they will recommend you to their friends and family.

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