Qualities of Marketers in B2B: An Interview With Abdul Mannan Of ExportHub

Do you and your team have what it takes to become a successful marketer in the B2B?

In the modern world of the B2B, it takes quite a lot more than just significant sales or dial list to be victorious.

If you are willing to increase the sales of epic proportions, you need to understand that you have the correct experience and skills to make thoughtful decisions and be able to answer different questions like:

  • What is the correct method to prioritize the marketing mix of B2B in 2018?
  • Boost the quantity and quality of generating leads online?
  • Attract the essential decision makers through mobile
  • Median LinkedIn to nurture and generate the leads

B2B buying and selling online has been quite famous for a long time now. Recently I had the chance of interviewing B2B expert and manager of web marketing Abdul Mannan. Working in the industry for a long time, he has been assisting the sales and marketing professionals on some of the most effective ways to attain leads online and change those leads into customers for a long time.

I interviewed Abdul to learn more about his experience, and get his advice for changing from the professional in B2B of yesterday to the superhero of marketing tomorrow. This is what he had to say:

QUESTION: Tell us a little about ExportHub.

Answer from Abdul Mannan: ExportHub is an online B2B website connecting the buyers with the suppliers. Started a little while ago, ExportHub has been making a name for itself in the market by connecting the suppliers to the most authentic buyers. The B2B world over the course of time is developing at a rapid pace. As per the recent study, it has been indicated that the future of B2B sales and marketing is vast and by the end of 2020, nearly half of the sales in the B2B will precipitate from the digital platforms. For both the suppliers and buyers, the B2B marketplace is providing tons of benefits and opportunities for growth, marketing, and most importantly branding.

ExportHub in this regard creates a lot of opportunities for the suppliers and manufacturers from around the world to make their brand visible and entice the most essential and the most potential buyers from around the world.

QUESTION: What piece of advice can you give to the agencies or other B2B networks wanting to attain a competitive advantage in 2018?

Answer from Abdul Mannan: The best piece of advice that I can possibly give to all the readers out there is to invest in a strong management and marketing team to improve your website traffic – all the way from assisting the customers in sales and purchases of different services or products along with all the necessary guidelines and tools which would bring success to them.

To attain profit from the business, everyone should know what they are doing. Taking calculated risks is a good thing but getting over-confident is another. To generate a solid content for your website, content writers of the top quality understanding the highs and lows of the organization’s industry, marketplace, and business.

QUESTION: Quite a lot of small-sized businesses and organizations feel that a bigger budget would eventually solve all their marketing troubles and woes but that’s not entirely the case. What are some of the most different content marketing and SEO challenges which are faced by organizations with a high budget similar to SAP?

Answer from Abdul Mannan: The toughest challenge, in my opinion, is in finding out a way to amalgamate your efforts all over the vast product portfolios, countries, and people. For instance, the most significant difference between the best-in-class and average content marketers is the creation of content at each and every stage. Therefore, every big organization should always audit the resources they have for content and analyse if they are falling behind.

Chances are, if they follow giant organizations, they will reach an understanding that they don’t prepare their content on time and make content at the latter stages.

QUESTION: What do you love the most about B2B marketing? And what do you hate the most about it?

Answer from Abdul Mannan: Generating and producing ideas that increase the development of audience and interacting effectively with the clients and customers to watch their businesses expand. As far as the disliking is concerned, dishonesty is something that ticks me off completely.

QUESTION: What piece of advice can you give to the small-sized B2B brands/organizations that have a difficult time making their efforts for content marketing consistent?

Answer from Abdul Mannan: I would advise them to stop thinking about attaining a smooth flow if the content is difficult or expensive to attain. The first and the most crucial step usually comes from the assistance at the executive level and then the hiring of the internal thought leaders. Each and every employee of your organization has experience, knowledge, and exciting story to tell. An individual person can quickly ask a few questions from the employees, even though simple email questions, to generate the type of content that answers some of the essential questions. This is when it all comes down to locating the most efficient way to answer some of the questions raised by the customers. And the answers are peacefully sitting in the cube adjacent to you or down the hall.

QUESTION: Tell us the top three qualities of accomplished B2B digital marketers?

Answer from Abdul Mannan: 1) A powerful understanding of how the decisions makers are using websites to attain the services and products.

2) A promoted level of experience and knowledge in all the mediums of marketing online, including the search marketing, online media, email marketing, social media marketing as the company development.

3) Powerful and dynamic experience and skills used in the marketing online.


Even though digital innovations and changes have been modifying the B2B sales for an extended period, there is still a demand for more difficult and sophisticated solutions to assist the intricacies of B2B commerce, Abdul Mannan believes.

He views that B2B markets usually work side by side with consultancy to regulate how unique and different their sales and digital planning should be and what are the most effective ways to execute it.

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