Pyramid of sales funnel: An overview

Sales funnel is one of the important tools of the marketing system that has a great significance in today’s time. The purpose of this system is to make things simpler and reach out to more people.

Say, that you want to send out your content to someone but you do not know how. Sales funnel can make things easy for you. The concept of sales funnel is simple and we can compare it with a pyramid.

It has a number of phases and one by one as you climb through the pyramid you would finally reach a point where everything is fairly simplified. The top of the sales funnel pyramid finally decides how well the scheme is working for you and whether it is going to be a profit for you or not.

What is the pyramid of sales funnel?

Sales funnel could be understood as a process – A step by step walkthrough or a guide on how you could handle the customers. The beginning of the phase starts out with the awareness phase.

  1. Base phase

Here, in this phase, you would decide or educate yourself about the things that you are going to carry out. These will determine customer preferences and demands. It is the initial step or the base of the pyramid that determines everything else.

  1. Interest phase

Then comes in the interest phase where the customer starts showing interest in your content. This step is followed by the evaluation phase. This phase is also very important. In the evaluation phase, you sit down and look into stuff. This can also be labeled as a calculating stage. All the risks that you are going to take in the next decision phase are a direct outcome of this phase or the decision phase.

  1. Decision phase

In the last few blocks of the pyramid scheme, the decision phase can be looked into the foundation for the other 3 phases to follow. Whatever decision that you would be drawing out from the decision phase is directly going to impact the purchase, re-evaluation and the pre-purchase phase.

  1. Purchase phase

The purchase phase deals with the end purchase of the content as in the revaluation phase. The customer is likely to look into the product in-depth. It might also include the re-purchase phase where the customer decides whether or not they should re-invest again or drop the idea.

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Now, that you understand the meat and the bones of what a sales funnel is and how it works, the next thing that you should know are its advantages. It helps you know why you need this strategy at all.

Benefits of having sales funnel for your business

  1. Insight Provision

Insight provision is important for automating funnel. So, the idea here is the sales funnel would provide you with tools. With the help of these tools, you could be able to look into various insights. Say, what the users click on the most in your website or which page the user spends more time on your website. You can set priorities according to these.

Giving higher priority to content that is clicked the most helps you set the website according to these priorities. This is a very important thing that you should make note of. The more the user feels like the website is responding well to them, the more likely s/he is going to visit the website.

Imagine opening up the website and the results how is exactly what you want. That would make you visit the website again and again. It helps both you and your customer.

  1. Customer Relation Maintenance

Having a good relationship with the clients is very vital. You cannot assure your physical presence to them all the time when it comes to your product but the best you could do is hear them out.

This is where the important tools of the sales funnel come in handy. The tools provided by the sales funnel gives you a lot of information about the customer. Say, what product they search for most or what pages are they likely to visit in your website. Based on this information if you could just set priorities, and then the users would surely visit your website more.

The main thing about running a successful business is having a good relationship with your customers. The better the relationship, the more likely the business would shine. After-all business, in most cases, is a customer-driven work. So, with the help of these tools, you could check it.

  1. Handled Iteration

When it comes to doing some repetitive tasks it is sure to bore you. While doing business this is a very valuable point. You would have to grind if you want to succeed. Say while promoting a product you could not leave it by saying that you do not want to promote it because you did the same yesterday as well. This is not how the business works. You would have to sit down and do the promotion task daily if you really want your company to bloom. This is where the tools of the sales funnel would come in handy.

Unlike normal grinds where you have to do every task manually, here everything is computer-automated. This means to say that sending out any repetitive messages or even rolling out these messages at a specific time-stamp is handled by the computer itself. All you would have to do it tell the computer once that what is required off of it.

The sales funnel is a very important tool. It would take care of all these. Imagine waking up early in the morning just to roll out a specific message to a specific client who lives on the other end of the world. The automated system would take care of that so that you could ease.

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