Persuade your boss and ask him to invest in inbound marketing – Talk numbers

Are you someone who has still not utilized inbound marketing? There are many who agree to the fact that the inbound marketer’s user-focused and educational approach is probably the best way in which a company can stay an edge over others. Now that you know that your boss still hasn’t jumped on to this bandwagon, you face a dilemma of convincing him about the reasons he should start investing in inbound marketing without any second thought. Selling your company boss on the idea that inbound marketing investment is worth both money and time is tough but it’s not something impossible.


You either have to let them try it out personally to understand what it is and how it can benefit the company or you can talk numbers. Read on to know more about how you can persuade your boss about investing in inbound marketing.

Allow them to try it out personally

Inbound marketing is entirely based on a philosophy as it is touted to be the most profitable way of approaching digital communication with your clients, customers and also your future customers. Ideally, it seems like a binary choice of management. Either your company takes a jumpstart into inbound marketing with 100% investment in money and time or it decides to stick to the conventional marketing tactics.

Do you think your company is completely hostile to the idea of a new marketing philosophy? If yes, then it is your responsibility to reduce the possible risk. This is why the best approach would be to allow them to take a bite and try it out. Ask your boss to try out one email marketing campaign or a series of blog posts. Though there are lot of categories of inbound marketing, yet an email and a blogging campaign will let him capture a huge chunk of the process. Remember that a novice email or blog campaign has lots of benefits because there will be minimum investment of money. It lets the management get the feel of inbound marketing campaigns and measure the results.

Speak in terms of numbers and show him statistics

Suppose your boss doesn’t understand about the fuss regarding inbound marketing. It is your duty to communicate value by showing him some really impressive stats to demonstrate how inbound marketing is effective. Here are few favorite stats you should show your boss:

ROI (Return on Investment)

  • When a company incorporates an inbound marketing strategy, it doubles the rates of website conversion from 6% to straightaway 12%.
  • Companies and business organizations will be three times more likely to witness higher ROI through inbound campaigns rather than outbound.
  • Digital marketers who involve in prioritized blogging are 13 times more likely to witness an increased ROI.
  • 85% of marketers who keep blogging see inbound marketing offer positive ROI.

Budget statistics

Once you have convinced your boss that ROI can definitely be worth it, you have to persuade him for an increased marketing budget.

  • It is through content marketing that you can generate 3 times leads as conventional outbound marketing and this costs 65% less
  • The businesses which are excellent at nurturing leads usually generate 50% more leads that are sales-ready at a cost that’s 34% lower. You can check out thisHubspot review for more details on effectiveness of inbound marketing
  • 48% of marketers plan to raise their budget for inbound marketing as against the previous year. So, inbound marketing is getting popular.

Lead Generation

Now that you’re done with some staggering budget and ROI stats, it’s time to brainwash your boss’ mind. The effort a marketer gives into inbound marketing should have positive and direct impact on the sales funnel of a company.

  • 55% more leads are generated through inbound marketing rather than through outbound marketing
  • Per every dollar, content marketing generates 3 times increased leads
  • B2B companies which blog just 1-2 times in a month usually generate 75% more leads than those companies who don’t involve in blogging at all
  • Nurtured leads produce 48% bigger purchases than leads that are non-nurtured

SEO and Inbound marketing

  • Companies which blog have 98% more inbound links
  • B2B marketers which utilize blogs get 68% more leads as compared to those that don’t
  • SEO leads have 15.6% close rate and outbound leads have 1.8% close rate
  • Companies which blog get 98% more inbound links which are indexed
  • Blogs on websites of companies lead to 55% more visitors

Hence, as we see, there’s nothing better than proving your success as a marketer. By relating the above mentioned statistics and data, you can definitely convince your boss about investing in inbound marketing.

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