Pave the Successful Path for Your Business with Feedbacks

Many organizations are taking steps towards making growth. They make sure that they come up with the options that their employees become an asset for them and their organization grows. One thing that has recently been acknowledged and appreciated by maximum businesses is feedback. Yes, feedback might sound like a simple thing but it can do phenomena for any business. Irrespective of your business type, size or scale; you can make sure that feedback turns the tables for you.

You can use 360-degree appraisal for using the concept of feedback in the most effective manner. The reason many organizations opt for 360-degree performance appraisal on various levels is that they want to be sure about the performance and efforts that their employees put. The organizations don’t want to spend their days useless. The point is to make sure that the staff members are working to their utmost capacity. The idea is to ensure that employees are agile, professional and most importantly expert. 360-degree feedback allows the authorities or organization to use manifold raters such as supervisors, peers, subordinates, direct reports, and external raters such as clients, customers or even vendors to leave feedback on a staff member. The feedback is most of the times used as a benchmark within the employee’s development plan. In a team-concentrated setting, 360-degree feedback reviews can be effective. The team heads can know how their team members are performing and where the changes are needed.

You would be happy to know that the feedback stays anonymous to the person who got rated. If the employees are allowed to know the names of the people who left ratings and comments, feelings of resentment and bitterness can emerge along with tension among the staff members and the raters. Certainly, nobody would like to listen what his co-worker commented about him or her. Here if you are using a good feedback program, it would permit you to have an anonymous feedback thing and no one would get to know about who said what about them. In this way, you would kill the snake that too without breaking the rod. It means you would impact the information to the employees that is important for them that too, without letting them know from where it driven.

Mostly the feedback comes from:

  • The purchasers, sellers and other visitors.
  • Subordinates and the colleagues.
  • The stakeholders and the clients.
  • Team heads, superiors, and overall staff members.

In this way, the feedback comes from all the directions. Whether internal or external; you can get to know what people are saying about your employees. After all, it is all about how your business runs and what efforts you put to ensure your employees grow and enhance.

No influence or manipulation

Many organization heads feel that there would be partial feedback or people would give feedback so as to impress their superiors, friends or colleagues. Such a thing would not happen at all because the feedback, as mentioned above, would be anonymous. In this way, nobody knows who said what about whom. The subordinates can be as candid in their feedback as they wish to be because there would be nobody who knows they dropped that feedback.

Unawareness is dangerous

One thing that can threaten the growth and reputation of your organization is unawareness. If you are unaware of what people talk about your brand, your employees and you; then you are apparently living in a bubble. You have to make efforts to dig out the views about the people about your staff and your organization as a whole. The more informed and aware you are, the better it would be for your organization. Unawareness is one thing that cannot be beneficial for any organization. No matter how effective or professional your employees are; if they are not working on their drawbacks, it might be harmful to your growth. Certainly, the people who work with them regularly can tell the best about them. In this way, you can run a feedback drive in your organization and make sure that everybody shares their feedback in the most effective manner.

If feedback informs a staff member that he is good at his work but is poor at communicating; the employee might start working on that aspect as well. It is all about how soon you get to know about where you lack. Sometimes you get too much occupied in the core work that you fail to perform even average at other tasks. Once you know about the weak areas, you can take up the actions to strengthen yourself there. If your staff members get to know about their weaknesses or low points; they can modify them accordingly soon. It gets your responsibility to bring some tools or platforms in your organization that gives the employees a chance to get information about them.

A Boost for your staff

This feedback can turn out to be a boost for your employees. Sometimes when a staff member gets to know that their tasks are getting praised and their superiors and subordinates love to work with them; they get boosted. Such a boost is a gem for your organization. Once your employees are boosted because of these feedbacks, they would work with better concentration and interest. After all, everybody craves for appreciation and that is what keeps them going and improving. Since you have a tool of appraisal in hand, make sure you use it for utmost outcomes. These tools can turn out to be a boost for your staff.

Similarly, even if the feedback for some employees is not good, that is also fine. It can also work as a boost to work better and more carefully. Maybe it comes with a temporary feeling of sadness and lowness but eventually, the employees would get determined to work in a much better manner. They would try their best to eradicate that shallow feedback and come up with the best outcomes.

Thus, what do you think? Don’t you feel such a tool is the need of the hour for your organization? At least, give it a try!

If you have any questions, please ask below!