Location-based marketing essentials

Every business today needs to build complex marketing strategies to succeed. You can use the advantage of the content, share it with a mass message or customize it for each potential customer separately, but if you have a physical place, you need some more relevant means. This includes SMM, account-based marketing, and location-based marketing. What is location-based marketing? Why is it important and for whom? And why it is better to address the Belkins’ specialists on marketing issues?

What is location-based marketing?

It would be logical to assume that location-based marketing makes it possible to use geographic data for marketing strategies. The main point about the location-based approach is that it is different from collecting demographic information.

Let’s start with the point who will need the information about the customers’ location? Companies that have physical places where their products or services are available are more likely to use geographic data. That’s why they need three activities to hold in terms of building the location-based marketing strategy:

  • fencing the territories is necessary to show the relevant advertising corresponding to the place individual visits;
  • geographic targeting is creating a list of people that have visited certain points of interest in a period and identifying their needs and challenges;
  • geocontest in terms of marketing issues refers to creating a list of clientele of a company’s competitor in a certain location.

These points help to better understand the preferences of people a business wants to attract.

Benefits of the location-based approach

The location-based marketing has several benefits that make it stand out from the other strategies:

  • The main benefit is realizing the real-life preferences that people have. It’s a completely different thing from the online habits and tastes, which tend to change more frequently thanks to the fast-changing online trends and tendencies.
  • Traditional targeting means involve demographic data or cookie data. This is still a far less reliable source than a base of locations that a person visited in the real life.
  • Collecting data about location provides marketing specialists with more reliable and more actual information about the audience’s activity. They can track the change of preferences more effectively, and thus, adapt more quickly.
  • Location data includes also analytics about how often and how recently an individual visits some site. It gives no possibility to track the specific individual but shows the picture as a whole.
  • All of the above allows for tracking the productivity of a marketing campaign faster and better.

To make the process even more beneficial, invite the Belkins lead generation specialists who will breathe new life into your strategy by upgrading it on every level.


There are some limitations for the marketing professionals to use the location data they collect for location-based marketing strategies and other purposes.

The first and most serious touches upon the legislation issues. There exist specific organizations that regulate the collection of such information and make it clearer for companies using the advantages of location data. Depending on your region the legislation finesses may differ, but it’s better to learn about specific subtleties at a corresponding entity at your place.

Other limitations are related to creating audiences. You can meet difficulties if you touch some specific sphere. The limitation of location data touches upon the delicate locations (like health care centers), and the info that may lead to the creation of discriminating audiences.

All the other finesses of limitations are connected to the sphere of expertise of come companies. The location-based marketing is a weak fit for businesses that produce a mass product that can be found everywhere or offer a widely spread service. It also brings no difference for businesses that have no physical place where to offer their products or services.

That’s why location-based marketing is possible to be used by a limited number of business companies and to use this advantage they need to correlate with the rules and regulations.

In general. the location-based marketing advantages are extremely effective if you own a place that needs to be frequently visited. The strategy helps understand better the market, the real chances to get more customers of all groups, and adapt to the circumstances that do not depend on your will. Use the Belkins services and make it profit the most.

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