It Takes Two to Tango: Making Use of Digital and Print Marketing for Your Business

People in business continuously seek the best marketing tools for their business. These tools adapt to current trends, and now, one of the most effective marketing tools is found online, commonly known as digital marketing.

This type of marketing refers to any marketing done online. You can use whatever resources are available. Most people turn to digital marketing because it offers a broad audience for any business.

Has digital marketing wiped out other marketing strategies such as print? See for yourself and read on to know more about digital and print marketing, and how you can utilize both for marketing your business.

Digital Marketing

In the world of business, digital marketing currently reigns supreme because of the steady increase in the online population. From 738 million online users in 2000, the online community has ballooned to the size of 3.2 billion in 2015. A more significant population means a broader audience and market for business people. It can come in several forms.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This type of marketing focuses on making your website more visible in search engine results. SEO makes use of different strategies for higher visibility.

  • Content Marketing

A type of indirect marketing created to generate interest through videos, blogs, or posts.

  • Inbound Marketing

This marketing attracts customers by providing helpful content such as blogs or social media. The produced content should address a customer’s concern, problem, or need.

  • Social Media Marketing

This marketing makes use of social media to promote a product or to generate traffic. Social media sites are trendy nowadays, so it makes sense for people in business to use this platform in marketing their services and products.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This type of marketing involves an advertiser paying the website owner or any publisher every time anyone clicks on the advertisement.

  • Affiliate Marketing

In using this marketing strategy, you use affiliate networks to promote your client’s services or products, and you earn a commission if people buy the product or avail of the services.

  • Native Advertising

This type of marketing is commonly seen as a blog or video promoting a product or service and appears like the form and function of the platform or the other media on the same page. It doesn’t stand out as an advertising tool, but it blends in with the rest of the content.

  • Marketing Automation

This type uses software which automates repetitive tasks in marketing like generating emails.

  • Email Marketing

This marketing involves marketing through email. You can send emails to your current customers, but you can also send it to people whom you think are potential customers. These emails can contain anything – from plain business advertising to soliciting donations.

  • Online PR

This marketing aims to make your business look trustworthy and dependable to attract customers. It makes use of any content that people can find online about your company, and use this content to your advantage.

Print Marketing

Print remains alive in the digital age. It may not be the to-go-to marketing tool for modern business people, but don’t think that print is old-fashioned. It still comes in many forms which can provide your company with an excellent reputation and still attract potential clients.

  • Business cards

These handy cards are easy to bring, and you can distribute it anywhere you go. It’s useful for marketing because it contains your essential information which you can use to build connections.

  • Leaflets/Brochures

These marketing tools aren’t expensive to produce, and it includes a lot of relevant information about your business. Your designs and fonts which looks good for potential customers. Be straightforward about your products or services.

  • Flyers

You can distribute flyers anywhere, and you can also hand them out to passersby. Make sure that these are eye-catching so it can easily attract a person’s attention.

  • Banners

You can these up on busy areas (after getting the proper permits) so people can see them when they pass by the mall or busy roads. It’s an effective way of letting people know about your business because they’ll look at these banners every day when they pass by the same area daily.

  • Stickers

Some people don’t mind posting these on their items. Distribute stickers to people or ask permission from authorities so you can stick them on prominent spaces.


Marketing strategies evolve with time. Different approaches are successful depending on the platforms where they appear. Now, digital marketing is the best place for marketing, but the print is still useful.

Search for the best websites or the right people online to help you with your digital marketing. If you’re up for print, online sites like Banana Print can print your marketing items for a low price. In the end, both digital and print marketing all have their advantages in making your business prosper.

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