Innovative Fundraising Ideas for Businesses

Fundraising IdeasFundraising is an important part of running a business, and whether you need to raise funds for a new project, more equipment, or are organizing a fundraiser on behalf of a charity, it's important to make sure that your fundraising event is innovative and different enough to attract people. The more guests at your fundraising event the more funds you will raise, so it's important to involve activities that are fun, attract crowds and stand out from the rest. We've put together a number of innovative fundraising ideas that you can use at your fundraising event to get the crowds rolling in!

Sports Competitions

Most people play or follow some kind of sport, so organizing a sports competition is a great way to raise funds for your business or charity. You can have players donate a fee in order to play as well as charging spectators a small fee to watch the game, or, you could ask players to find sponsors, who will donate money to sponsor their friend or family member for taking part in the sports competition.

Fun Days

Fun days are an excellent idea for an innovative fundraising event, especially if you include something for all of the family to enjoy such as a dunk tank rental, bouncy castles, face painting and rides. You could even include a number of stalls where you could sell innovative and even handmade items with all proceeds going towards the fundraising. Better yet, don't forget the burger and ice cream vans - food is an important part of any fun day and your guests definitely don't want to go hungry.


If you don't have much in the budget for a large fundraising event, competitions can be a great way of raising money for your business without having to spend a lot of money first. For example, if you run a cake business, bake a cake filled with sweets - count them all, and ask customers to pay a small fee to guess how many sweets are on the cake. Obviously, the entrant who guesses a number closest to the actual amount wins the cake! Many people are willing to pay a small fee in order to be in with a chance of winning something, so it's a great idea to raise a bit of extra money.

Social Media Campaigns

With the majority of people using social media, it makes sense to channel sites such as Twitter and Facebook when it comes to organizing an innovative fundraising event. You could organize your event through Facebook and make people aware of it through Facebook events and invites, or you could ask for sponsors and donors on your Facebook page. If you're planning on holding contests and competitions to raise money, this can also be done on your social media account. The best thing about social media is that it's accessible to anyone with the internet - so you don't need to restrict your fundraising efforts to just your local area.

If you have any additional fundraising ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

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