How to Use Roller Banners to Attract Attention at a Trade Show

trade show

Roller banners are versatile, so you will find many different occasions throughout the year when it is a good idea to display one. For example, you can place a roller banner outside your shop for attracting people's attention to a sale. Or you can use them inside to draw people to a special promotion or demonstration. You can use roller banners in offices to give people information in reception. And one of the most popular places to display roller banners is at a trade show or event. Here are some ideas for how to use a roller banner to best advantage at a trade show or fair.

Get the Positioning Right

Where you locate the banner is all-important. Get the positioning right and you stand to benefit much more from your roller banners at an event. Once you have your display or stand set up, look at the room and work out where people will be coming from, which direction they will probably be walking in, and whether they will pass directly by your stand. Position the roller banner at an angle so that the highest amount of people will be able to see it. Always keep in mind potential blocks that will prevent people from seeing the banner, for example a pillar or a table. Look at the best place to position the banner so that it can be seen by as many people as possible, many of whom will come over and see what you are offering. However, be careful if you separate the banner too much from the stand. It may not be clear which stand the banner relates to and you will not attract people to your particular product or service.

Use Effective Text and Images

Using a combination of text and graphics is best for attracting attention at a trade show. A banner with pure text looks uninviting, whereas a banner with images does not give much information to the passers-by. Use an effective combination of image and text. Make sure that the banner is designed in a way that is clear and simple. Make your message clear. Give people something to look at but make it obvious what you are offering or people will simply walk straight by and not come up to see you.

Provide an Interesting Hook

Are you running a special promotion for the show? Do people get extra benefits if they come up and see you in person? Make sure you have put details of offers and attractions on the roller banner. Make the promotion shout loud and clear. If you do not want to design new banners for each trade show make sure that the offer does not mention the specific show, but rather is more generic so that you can use it in the future when you want to make the same offer. If you are not running an offer, make sure that your prospective customers are driven to take some action like accessing your website, or becoming a fan of yours on social media. If you have a truly memorable website address it makes it easier to stand out, so use this in a clear position on your roller banner.

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