Forgotten Offline Marketing Techniques That Still Work

offlineFor a long time now the only form of marketing major companies and businesses use is online marketing, completely disregarding the potency and availability of offline marketing. Granted, online marketing is more productive and more easily accessed by the common user, however, because it is so much present in the online world, most of the users tend to ignore it.

Nobody likes spamming, and Internet marketing is slowly boiling down to that, to spam as much as possible, unfortunately this will have its toll soon enough. That is why it would be wise to invest into offline marketing as well, it will pay off in the long run.

Business cards?

Remember those little things you would usually hand out to people when you meet? A lot of businessmen still use it, but it is one of the most prominent methods to use offline marketing. It is not too straightforward, but it will be a great reminder for whoever received the card and as it is a gift that keeps on giving, changes are that your card will end up at a third party.

Business cards are not only memorabilia to remind someone of your business but it is also proof that your business is worthwhile to spread the word about. Furthermore, if you make your business cards interesting and unique you can leave them around public places too, people will pick them up.

Also, business cards can be self-promoting material as well, when people walk into your office, try to place them in weird and unusual places, it will not only make your clients notice them but they will be tempted to take on because of the clever and creative way it was incorporated into your office space.

Boost online with offline

Taking photos or videos is mainly reserved for online marketing, or it is believed so at least. Usually the material found at social networks and used for marketing purposes are artificial, they can rarely show the real meaning behind taking the photo or shooting the video. For that reason it is a good way to practice offline photo and video marketing. Basically snap a picture when it feels right to capture the moment, and you can even incorporate it into your online marketing strategy as well.

Real-life photos and videos are not scripted; they are spontaneous and capture the real moment you were aiming for. Furthermore, people nowadays can tell the difference between a sincere and a fake smile, and they will not click on posts with fake people all around. It is far better to have a picture or video with less quality but to actually represent your marketing moto.

Advertise in newspapers

It is important that you do not neglect the olden ways of promoting a company, the newspaper can and is still useful, but companies tend to overlook it. Offline paper media can gain you as much popularity as any online source of advertisement, if you use it properly. The aim is not to spam but to use the paper ad-space creatively and in a fashion that will invite people to look up your business.

Go live when live

It is a good idea to be present at trade shows and show that your company means serious business, but it is not always enough to just simply be there. Using offline strategies at major events is also a good idea to further promote your business; however, nothing beats the good old fashioned speaking live at events; especially if it comes from the heart and is not a prewritten text.

If clients can hear your ideas and thoughts on how you will further improve the company or the business will give them insight that you mean business. On the other hand it will also reassure shareholders and invite future investors because you are standing out.

Vehicle wraps

Who does not want a lot of people seeing their ad on a daily basis? Billboards have been a way to do so, however because billboards are stationary, only a targeted audience could see it. But, with vehicle wraps, advertising slogans permanently wrapped around vehicles. Because the vehicles travel to different places in a town, the targeted audience is not broadened and you do not have to invest a lot of money into this kind of advertising.

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