Eco-friendly and Promotional Corporate Business Gifts

What better way to show your employees, your clients, your potential clients and your planet at the same time that you care about them, than a well-chosen promotional, eco-friendly gift. In the eco-conditions in which the world is now, it desperately needs any help it can get, so any way in which you can help is always welcome and never underappreciated. By changing just a few simple things you may affect, in a positive way, planet Earth in ways that you never thought possible.


At the same time, what better way to show both your clients and your employees that your heart, as well as your priorities, at the right place? By making this simple gesture you will, at the same time, surprise them with your care, for both them and the environment. You may also, by sending original, and unique sort of gifts, that are at the same time the promotional material for your company, make of your business the most important four-letter word of the 21st century. A brand. Business world is at the moment overcrowded, and the competition is tight on nearly any field or instance, so any help that can boost your level of business, or put you just a bit ahead of the others is welcome. What better way to do that than promote your values trough the gifts with the logo of your company on it.

A paper free world

Probably the best hint of where to start is- to do it by reducing the use of paper in your gifts but use the recycled one. In this way you demonstrate your eco-friendly attitude, while at the same time encouraging and supporting the use of recycled materials, sending an important message along the way. There is a popular belief that recycled paper of dull or boring colors but nothing can be further from the truth. Paper made through recycling is as colorful and interesting as any other and with modern recycling technology it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. A gift made out of this paper is always a truly welcome gift.

In time of need

Making a charitable gift of needed supplies, or even a money donation to an area in development, or to a region that was recently struck with some natural disasters is always a good way to go. In this way, by helping your fellow human beings in their time of need, you are at the same time creating an image about your company as the one that really cares about the things that matter.

A branded wine

The perfect corporate gift could also be a gift basket, or a wine bottle with your logo on it. It is not hard to do this, as well as it not being expensive, but at the same time it shows a lot about you as a corporation that is willing and ready to go that extra mile, in order to give their clients the best service there is. A branded wine bottle is a gift which by its ingenuity and originality may astound many who are already accustomed to receiving corporate gifts, this at the same time might be just the boost of reputation that you need.

Desk accessories

A popular yet brilliant in its simplicity may be the gift of branded desk accessories. It is proven by an official statistics that over 90% of office workers have at least 1 branded accessory on their desk. This is a simple, yet perfect and thoughtful gift. Its practicality and the fact that it will be definitely be used on a daily basis, may create a silent yet noticeable bond between your company and the receiver of the gift, that may persist through years to come. All the paper accessories should as aforementioned be made out of recycled material. This of course goes without saying.

Organic-material clothing gifts

A gift of t-shirts, hats or some other pieces of clothing with the logo of your company on it, which is made out of organically grown, natural materials like cotton, silk or wool is the perfect gift both as a promotional material and as an indicator of your devotion to the earth-preserving cause. Truly a win-win scenario.

respect for Earth

By making just a bit of effort, in order to make sure that all the promotional gifts that you are sending are truly eco-friendly, you will do your planet a great service and may even benefit your company greatly. The fact that you are going that extra mile, to prove that you care about both your planet and your clients\potential-clients, may be just the thing you need in order to get ahead of your competition. Truly something worth investing into.

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