The use of technology in the communication has become as necessary as it is needed. As the communication is the part of our lives.

People communicate each other through emails, faxes, texting services, video conferences, video chart rooms, mobile phones & social media channels.

communication technologyAs the technology keeps growing day by day the emerging technologies will change the way we communicate and it will be up to us to embrace them or not.


The business these days are very competitive to each other, every businessman uses a technology in his/her own way to reach the media and the targeted consumers.

Also business has embraced technology by easing the communication within companies and also among the investors and suppliers.


In the past communication between the consumer and the businessman was very difficult and information of the new products had to be delivered by door to door marketing, which was a huge trouble.

Now days, those difficulties are just thrown away by the latest technology of communication between people. Things have become so simple by email subscriptions, companies will hold the data of the consumers and inform about the products to the consumers.

The business is made so easy by just drafting one mail and send to unlimited number of customers through the “Mailchimp” in minutes.


The communication devices like phones are all digitalized and hindered communication through telephone lines are stopped.

Due to many climatic conditions the communication was a big trouble. The satellite and broadband transmissions let the people to communicate with anyone anywhere at the work or off the work through the mobile phones.


The business people use the recent social networking websites like Facebook, twitter etc… to interact with the consumers by creating a business page of their own for free.

They can gain the followers to their page and consumers will know the recent updates in the business.

The business page can also have a budget for building a fun base for their own pages, so that they can use the pages to update and communicate with their followers.


The people had to meet each other by travelling so far from one place to another, for any sort of business meetings.

Through the technology of video conferencing the business presentations are under taken, investors meeting, Product launch and more is possible through video conferencing technology.


Every business these days collects the personal number of the customers and they regularly update them about the offers and the availability of the products.

Many Mobile apps have also emerged in such a way that the consumers get regular product information. They also send wishes on any special occasion of the customers to maintain a good mutual relationship.

The technology has made the business world just easy. There are many emerging technologies for the communication to be improved more in many ways. There are many ways to keep yourself updated. You can go follow many tech blogs, latest tech news portals, these will help you stay updates in terms of technology.

Today staying updates is really important. the reason behind this is that technology today plays a vital role in our day today lives. The communication is really important because this is the only by which you stay connected with your friends, colleagues and family members. Communication today has decreased the distance among our friends and thus the improvement in communication technology is important. communication systems today have increased our work speed and in return the earning too. Lets take an example of internet. with internet today we can send an receive any data within seconds but in the past it usually take some days in order to be received even after waiting for days you dont have any guarantee that you will receive the document as they get missed many times.

So we must understand the important of technology and work accordingly.


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