What does a color say about your brand?

regtegeLook around. Our life is colorless and we don’t even notice that. No, it’s not a depressing post, it’s a common truth and a well-known fact. Colors exist only in our heads. They are subjective visual phenomena that depend on the way we perceive visual concepts. That’s why different colors are apprehended by different people in different ways. However, there’s one thing that doesn’t change: the message that every color carries inside. Every color has its own meaning. That’s why you have to be careful while choosing a color of flowers, clothes, cars and especially your brand: various colors have a countless number of meanings and are perceived in various ways. Let’s find out what your color can say about your brand.


When in doubt, wear red. – Bill Blass

Red is one of three primary colors in common brand concepts (other two are blue and yellow). It stands for strength, energy, willpower and sexuality. It makes you courageous and bold. That’s why if brands choose red as their main color, they want to emphasize on being strong and thriving. Red lipstick, red dress, red Bugatti… You need to be ready enough in order to choose red. However, if you do choose red as your brand’s main color, you may be sure it will be mesmerizing and riveting your clients’ attention.

Take Ray Ban, for example. This is one of the best American brands that can be seen everywhere in the world. If you’re young, daring and ambitious, you own at least one of Ray Ban’s fashionable items. Ray Ban makes people focus their attention on your style and behaviour. If you want your brand to be expressive, you need to consider red as your primary color. However, be sure you’re ready to some negative perception: some people get easily irritated and distracted by red.


Blue blood in your brand’s veins

If there is one color that awakes trust and peace, this is blue. Choosing blue as your brand’s main color, you persuade clients in the fact your brand is efficient and beneficial for them. It’s chosen by lots of financial establishments along with companies dealing with security and safety. You proclaim that you’re ready to help your clients any minute they need.

Having picked blue for its brand representation, UNECE showed it’s a global organization that cares about its people and does everything possible in order to secure financial state of countries. It’s a great example of color working for a company: its logo is widely recognized not only because of the unique pattern but also because of the color they chose. Also, keep in mind that, while designing a logo, you may also want to combine blue with red or yellow: these colors complement each other and stay in harmony.


Happiness is wearing a yellow dress

Yellow color is pretty eloquent in terms of your brand awareness’ campaign. It presents your company, first and foremost, as highly optimistic, enthusiastic, original and creative. Yellow accents wisdom and logic as well, that’s why it’s great for being used for companies that deal with intellectual work. You’ll never bore your clients if your color is yellow, as far as it will always cheer them up and help them focus their attention on the principle concepts you suggest.

McDonald’s is one of the best examples for using yellow to promote your company’s attitude to its business and clients. It’s entertaining, viral, well-recognized and associated precisely with those things the company stands for.


The whole world is going green

At least in 2017, as far as green was chosen a color of year by Pantone. This color is associated with growth and vitality, self-reliance and reliability. It shows that you’re constantly developing and don’t stay on one place. Green encourages your clients to communicate with you more because it’s welcoming and pleasant. Also, this color shows you’re friendly towards nature and do everything possible in order not to damage it with your work.

BP Global is one of the largest companies that chose green for being its major color. Combined with yellow, the color makes this brand shiny and sympathetic. Being a color of the year, the popularity of green shades in brand concept designing will only keep growing.


Black is the new black

The only color that has always been in trend is black. The most luxurious companies keep choosing black as their prime color. Black is all you ever need if you want your brand to depict triumph, sophistication and a sort of mystery.

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