Video Content is the Key to the Success of any Business

As a business, recognizing the potential that video content has and the opportunities it could bring to the table for future growth is crucial in this digital age. Written content was once the future of understanding a business and getting information, but now people cannot gather a comprehensive view of your business unless they see you in a visual format, the best of which is through video.

While it may sound strange, I'll explain why it's true.


The way information is passed on and presented is through visuals, as opposed to the one-dimensional nature of written content, video content has endless potential.

By using video instead of written words, it is easier to keep a viewer’s attention, information can be explained more clearly using visual aids and is kept concise and to the point. Using an individual from your business as the face of the video content who would have a high amount of likeability and confidence in front of the camera or a recognisable logo or brand image can help create a memorable image that the viewer will associate with the brand.


Consumers are more engaged by and interested in a business when they have some sort of memorable visual representation that can be associated with the business. By integrating this desire into your marketing and visual content you're seamlessly adhering to a wider audience and creating a more memorable brand.

Improving online presence

Making your business known to a large audience is essential in attracting new customers, especially if you're a small business or a new start-up. The Internet is such a vast landscape filled with millions of people that creating a strong online presence is vital to your business' success.

How you can do this varies, but there are many options at your disposal and visual content is an important part of any option you can choose. Creating a blog that includes videos on your website is one way to go about this, this allows your business to communicate with both consumers and visitors, engage with your community and provide thought provoking content that can help raise awareness of your brand. Videos can create a relationship with viewers and help create discussions amongst viewers, building an online community. Associating video content with your brand also improves your rankings in search engine results, increasing your visibility amongst potential customers who are surfing the web.

One of the other, more effective, ways to improve online presence is through social media, including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to name but a few. In order to have a strong social media presence creating a representative company page that can present visual content and information is the first and most important step. This allows your business to provide visual and written content that raises awareness and engages your audience and allows your brand to easier connect with the community, helping to make them more loyal.


Securing investments

Securing investors in your business can be a nervous and difficult ordeal; one way to make this process easier is to develop a pitch video that details your product and what you stand for, which can help to successfully attract people who want to help your business flourish.

Selling your business to investors is the same as selling yourself to consumers.

The ideal and leading way to manage this is via creating video content that emphasizes its focus on emotion; viewers are captivated if a marketing piece can find its way into their feelings. In order to gain the support of investors and clients, you have to be sure the product is exciting and interesting.

Many businesses are afraid to reach for emotional depth from fear of it going wrong, yet it is imperative you do so. Video content has the ability to tell a story, pack an emotional punch, and assist in the success of your product, engaging and interesting viewers and strengthening your online presence.

The reality

From these obvious examples, it is clear that video content has a wide range of uses that can benefit a business. It can attain a level of reach and engagement that written content alone cannot achieve.

Take advantage of the internet and the millions of people waiting to discover your business by making video content a key part of your business!

Robert Benoit is an intern at Phink TV who is currently studying English Writing and Mass Communication at Assumption College. He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and is currently studying abroad in London. His future aspirations include film production and professional scriptwriting, as well as a passion for developing creative works. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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