The Mobile Component In Modern Brand Building

Roll With The Punches

Modern technology is quickly transitioning beyond desktop solutions and into the mobile sphere. You’ve seen this incrementally. Desktop computers were a more mobile form of the mainframe computer. Laptops became a more mobile solution to surrogate the desktop. Well, very recently, the tablet began to dominate the market. Now pretty much everyone has a smartphone.

As a result, smartphones are beginning to be the go-to internet solution for most people. Whether in the waiting room of a medical clinic, at an automobile service center, waiting for a bus, or just killing time generally, smartphones have begun to occupy people’s time more than just about anything else.


If recent history is any indication, what will happen over time is that a new mobile, consolidated solution will be develop. Maybe it will be a “wrist” phone that snaps on an arm like a bracelet. Maybe it will be some kind of contact lens. There are many possibilities. What is sure is that this next transitional step will incorporate marketing.

It will be a change; a new frontier at first. What’s sure is that those options with already-existing mobile marketing solutions will have an easier time making the next transition. Regardless of that next transition, contemporarily there are over twelve prime and separate areas where mobile marketing is king.

These include in-game marketing, app marketing, SMS marketing, MMS marketing, Push Notifications, and much more. What all this indicates collaterally is that whatever brand solutions you have, they must be optimized so that they can utilize this mobile market to maximum profitable effect.

Don’t Be A Backwards Business

There are many websites that fail to make such a transition. They design a “desktop” mode and never upgrade from that. Upgrades can be time-consuming and complicated. But when smartphone users exceed desktop users, refraining from upgrading eventually represents definitive profit loss.

Today’s economy is in constant flux across the world. While certain indicators make it seem as though an economic increase may begin changing the financial waters in coming years, the future isn’t set and can’t be calculated as a stationary variable. This means you’ve got to predict the worst-case scenario for the future even if things appear to be trending upward.

Do that and you’ll never be caught “with your pants down”, as the saying goes. To that end, ensuring that your technological solutions are up to par is definitely a wise strategy. So you’ll need to get mobile solutions for your website.

When it comes to website builders, you want to use an organization who understands the current market; as puts it: “Having a mobile optimized website is not only important, today’s users demand it.”

Beyond the demand automatically inculcated by a market that is primarily composed of smartphone users, the demand which comes from continuous upgrades changing the technological landscape, and the demand your brand naturally exhibits as an upwardly mobile business, there are many things which indicate designing your website for “on the go” use is wise.

Changes Keep On Coming

The next step in technology will come one way or another. There could be nuclear war, certainly! That would slow everything down. But planning for a catastrophe as a means of avoiding natural upgrade costs is a little silly, don’t you think? What’s more adult and realistic is assuming a continual advancement, and preparing accordingly.

To that end, it makes sense to consider strategies like having a website optimized for the mobile market and designing your services so that upgrade is a natural expression of your business model.

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