Standing out in Your Next Trade Show

When your company is taking part in a large trade show packed with brands striving to catch the attention of the right customer, it can feel a bit difficult to catch the customer’s eye. You will start to feel that you have been engulfed in an ocean of displays and exhibits. That is why keeping your stall up to date with the freshest of exhibition trends that complement your brand image can help you get the amount of attention that your brand deserves.

We got in touch with the brightest minds who are experts at trade show ergonomics to get a few inspirational ideas that you can utilize at the next trade show.

Make an Impression

Displaying your products is not enough these days. Your booth must tell your brand’s story to successfully attract everyone who sees it and engage everyone who comes in. Restricting the brand display according to the rules and protocols is a thing of the past. The need of the hour so too create a ‘wow’ effect for the attendees. Adhering to the protocols and brand guidelines makes the exhibit extremely predictable. Those rules need to be bent to surprise the customers.

There are many run-of-the-mill exhibits that you’ll see at trade shows, but what really draws your attention? Uniqueness and attention to detail! That’s why companies are now looking to specialists to produce beautiful displays such as these custom exhibits from Exhibits NW.

The focus of the customized exhibit would be to create something beyond the structural aspects and explore the role of the other elements to complete the experience of the prospective buyer. In the world of an infinite number of selections to choose from, a custom exhibit will be able to overcome the rarity of attention.

Use of Novel Floors, Walls, and Surfaces

If you want to have an exhibit that leaves a lasting impression in the mind of an attendee, you must involve unconventional beautifying elements in the conventional places. Clever use of mirrors can create impressions of infinite space on the walls. Instead of using traditional floors, walls and tabletops, experiment with different textures and surfaces that amplify the visual appeal of your exhibit

The latest technologies can be used in the custom exhibits to give it a high tech edge at trade shows. Bright led lights can be used to create accents and movements on surfaces or bring out a piece of media. It might not be inexpensive, but it can certainly earn brownie points for being versatile enough to be reused as many times as you want. However it is very easy to overdo things with the high tech stuff, so ensure that it is used tastefully to add leverage to your brand’s story.

One of the latest trends is to create a living wall with the help of plants and preserved moss which adds a touch of liveliness and greenery to the exhibit. It also adds a lot of warmth to the environment of the booth. The feature can be varied in patterns by adding different types of plants to add value to the brand image.

Contests and Prizes

Everybody wants something extra, and what is a better extra than winning a prize? It offers people engagement at the booth which works as a great attraction. A game or a competition of some kind can arouse the curiosity of the attendees. Once you can woo them to come to your booth, you can start a conversation with them about your product and turn it into a profitable contact.

The games or competitions can be one is the regular ones, or your marketing heads can be put together to develop a game that relates to and advertises your brand and its products. Create the game in such a manner that the prizes can be declared later at a designated time, preferably half a day later. This way you can ensure that the people who participated in the game will end up thinking about your brand the entire time. You will also increase your opportunity to start a conversation with that person.

If you aren’t sure that a game or a competition complements your brand image, you can also give away promotional products that relate to your brand image. Promotional products can not only attract attendees, but you also prolong the attention of a prospective buyer. The promotional products can be something as simple as a flash drive or a power bank with your brand’s logo on it. You can also giveaway something custom made to highlight your products.

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