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Is it Worth Outsourcing Your Market Research to Specialized Firms?

channel-marketingIf you are neglecting the market research aspect of your brand, you're sure to confront failure in your business. A comprehensive market research can make or break your brand. And today's complex marketplace makes it essential for business to collect, analyze and act on newest information including customer opinion, market trends, or competitive position. I am sure your company's strategic goal is not just to make profit but a combination of profit with growth along with competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. This means your business should be in close relation to market than ever before.

However, market research is a time consuming process for a company, filled with huge amount of facts and figures. Most of the market research team frequently faces the following challenges:

  • The ongoing need to understand global market
  • Understanding new segments of customers and expectations
  • Continuous demand from decision makers
  • Building effective strategies to overcome competitive forces
  • Using market resources optimally.

It has been observed that small and mid-sized companies often cannot afford the overhead of an efficient market research team. So what do they do? This is where the importance of outsourcing market research service comes into forefront. Let's find out how outsourcing your market research service can prove beneficial to your company.

Access to world-class capabilities

Outsourcing is always a good way to save time and money. But this advantage goes hand-in-hand with various other factors including diversified talents, extensive and faster data acquisition, high quality reports, advanced technology and reliable sources. The big and reputed market research firms specialise in gathering, analysing, and reporting information with their team of expertise than the average other corporations. They have dedicated facilities and software including electronic interviewing, focus group rooms with two-way mirrors, data-processing capabilities or product test centers to perform their tasks efficiently.

Advanced performance

Often the outsourcing vendors are matured and expert in their field of work. Most importantly, when you transfer a part of your work to them, you'll benefit from the added value they'll offer in the future. Good market research suppliers always apply their accumulated experience and knowledge to make any project run more effectively and successfully. Besides, the in-house market research team will be able to invest more time studying and creating their own strategies for the company. This is crucial to succeed in this swift-paced world. The more expertise, the better it is.

Extensive manpower

Market research firms usually require large number of people for conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys. Outsourcing the service can not only get you number of people doing the task for you but also experienced staffs with superior customer and product knowledge. This enhances the accuracy of the task.

Enhance risk management and security

Protecting customer data from natural calamities, accidents, technical crisis and market fluctuations is important. The detailed back up plan and disaster recovery mechanisms typically provided by the offshore partners always help you to respond rapidly and get operations back on track in times of crisis.

However, consider the following factors before you choose to outsource your market research service. Find out…

  • How the outsourcing firm work with clients and matches your business approach?
  • Does the firm appear to have a good understanding of your objectives?
  • What is their method of conducting market research?
  • What is the nature and qualification of the organization?
  • What is your research needs and objectives? What decisions must be made based on the results of study finding?
  • Do the information you gain from the firm add any additional value? Decide which area of your business could benefit from additional information?
  • What is the estimated costs involve in high quality planning and field work? Look for the best quality research at a reasonable and cost-effective price
  • Do the employees have the required qualification and experience to understand their responsibilities?

Once you are satisfied that you have a good perspective on your market, you must hire a research firm to determine the reaction of your current and potential customers to specific products.

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