How to take your branding offline


It can be all too easy these days to restrict our business marketing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While you should of course be using the best tools that the internet can offer, you should also be very careful not to neglect your offline efforts as well. Very often, your offline marketing can bring in as much business as your latest viral tweet, and so dismissing it as irrelevant in the digital age could be a costly mistake. Internet marketing is no longer unique, and as we become increasingly reliant on online business strategies, it can be fatal to your business if you rely on the internet too much. These tips will ensure that your offline marketing is as significant and cost-effective as your internet marketing, bridging the digital divide in ways that could actually encourage more customers to use your services.

Modern business techniques meet traditional advertising

Those traditional methods of advertising and spreading awareness of your brand are still available, and they still work. No matter what you may have heard, radio advertising is still cost-effective, and even billboard advertising can be productive and self-sufficient. However, the best way to spread your brand offline is to integrate the methods that you use online and incorporate them into your offline marketing. The best way to strengthen your brand is by proving your expertise, and this can be done in a number of ways. As well as your online blogs, you should be sending press releases to the local news outlets and offering to discuss changing industry trends in person. This could get you an interview on the radio or even a regular slot on television talk shows. By becoming the go-to expert when it comes to your business sector, you spread awareness of your skills and your business at the same time, meaning that when potential customers need your services, they think of you first.

Maintain your branding in-store

If you have a brick and mortar store, then you need to make it truly representative of your branding. Your logo, taglines, and business personality need to be ever-present as well as being consistent. You may have taken the time to create the best logo in the world, but if customers only see it on your website then the integration has failed. Your business brand needs to be your focus, and should be on the business cards that you hand out at events, and on your staff in the form of custom clothing like custom polos and sweaters, and other headgear like personalized caps and hats. Use a reliable custom t-shirt buying guide and ensure that your staff are as much the message of your business as your social media interactions, and you’ll find that your branding often takes control of itself.

hreBe present at events

Trade shows and corporate events are a fantastic way to spread awareness of your business, and you should be taking the time to attend relevant events at every opportunity. There are a vast number of events based on every single industry, so it will be up to you to work out where your most profitable and relevant events are going to be. Make sure that you attend these events with the full force of your marketing, so that your employees are wearing those t-shirts, your business cards aren’t going to run out, and that you are representing your business at all times. However, this doesn’t mean limiting yourself to industry events. Even occasions such as sporting events give you an opportunity to make your business noticeable, and whether you sponsor your local football team or provide a table at a careers day event, you need to be thinking outside of the box. You don’t want to fall back on the notion that online is the most important way to reach new customers.

The key to your marketing is always going to be balance. While you should be making sure that your marketing is growing naturally online, you should never dismiss your offline opportunities. Finding new ways to seamlessly integrate the two will be the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business, reach new clients, and embed trust in your company, so that you are the first brand that customers think of when they need what you provide.

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