How to Create a Fun Logo That Helps Improve Loyalty to Your Brand

How seriously are you taking the process of creating a logo for your startup? If, in the past few days, you did not take the task seriously, now would be the best time to do so. Otherwise, your website can expect a drop in traffic or an increase in bounce rate (visitors leaving your site after checking out the home page and a few inner pages) once the initial hype dies down after a week or two. You can also expect your potential customers to fail to remember your company and your products. Worse, customers might avoid dealing with you simply because they perceive your business as being no different from other businesses in the same industry.


In sum, the impact of a company’s logo cannot and should not be underestimated.

But whilst the logo creation process should be taken seriously, it is not necessary for the output to look serious. A fun-looking logo can work to improve the brand loyalty for your startup in a number of ways. Read on to know more.

How Fun Logos Help Improve Brand Loyalty


The logo you make is the thing your existing and future customers will see before they even step into your physical shop. It is one of the first things that people visiting your website will see once they type in the URL and the page loads. It is embedded or printed on other marketing assets like posters, streamers, business cards, caps, and banner pens. This level of exposure alone increases the likelihood that customers will be loyal to your brand, as there can be no brand loyalty without discovery.


Discovery will eventually lead to familiarity with a brand. The more exposed your company’s fun and well-made logo is, the higher the chances that customers will connect with your brand to transact. As time passes, and as more transactions are done by repeat clients and new clients, the familiarity and comfort with your brand increases. This increase in familiarity and comfort will eventually translate to brand loyalty from many customers.

Of course, the above scenario can only happen if you follow the steps highlighted below.

Making the Fun Logo

Today, there are a number of different software you can use to make a fun logo. There are also a vast number of elements that can be combined to create a fun logo. Though your options for logo creation these days are so numerous, the end result cannot be just anything that looks fun and memorable in your opinion. Use an icon instead of a photograph. Never use clipart you found on the internet AT ALL COSTS—they have probably been used by other people for purposes not related to gaining profit.

gt3g35Aside from following the basic graphic design principles, such as the ones mentioned above, it is also important that the graphic artist you hired knows and understands your company’s mission and vision. It’s also important that he knows the message the logo should convey.

Once the company’s mission and vision and the logo’s intended message are properly conveyed to the artist, the fun logo can then be made. The graphic artist can then create a caricature or avatar resembling you, the company owner if you want to. If not, you can go for other options, such as a wordmark logo or a logo composed of a combination of a symbol and brand name.

Regardless of the type of logo you want, it’s important that the artist not to have a hard time creating it. To make it easy for the artist to create the logo, you can gather pictures of fun ideas and inspiration on a Pinterest board, which you should then show to him. Expect to be given a number of logos to consider. Choose a fun logo that reflects the message you believe must be conveyed to your customers and your company’s mission and vision.

Must I Look At Other Companies’ Logos for Inspiration?

You can check out the logos of other companies for inspiration, of course, but only if those logos have an aesthetic centred on ‘fun’. If you recognise a pattern used on most, if not all, of those companies’ logos, realise that the pattern or style might have been used simply because it works. You can use the same pattern, sure, but in the end, you have to determine what should work for your company and make it stand out in a positive way.

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