How To Build Online And Offline Brand Awareness

frferfrewIf your business is not doing as well as you think it should, then it might not be because of some possible reasons that you’ve identified.It might not be about whether it’s better to marketing online or offline.It might not be about your marketing strategy and your sales process.And it might not be about your product line or pricing.

If, for example, your Facebook Ads aren’t getting enough traffic to your website, it may not be because it’s an ineffective ad, or if you are getting traffic but no conversions, it may not be because there is something wrong with your website.

All these elements may actually be fine. Your problem could be that not enough people know about your business for any of your business processes to be effective. Quite simply: if people don’t know you, they don’t trust you, and if they don’t trust you, then they will be reluctant to buy from you.

How do you turn all this around? You have to create a strategy to get people to know, like, and trust you. In other words, you have to use marketing ideas to build brand awareness.

Here are two ideas on how to build brand awareness: one for an offline business and one for an online business

  1. Build awareness about your offline business.

The place to start is to participate in an industry event. When you attend industry events, you can set up your own custom tents with a table and props to show your products and services. Also, take advantage of social media to make people more aware of your presence at the event.

The purpose of the event is not to sell more of your products, to get people to invest in your services, or to get people interested in your next venture. It’s simply to make people aware of your business. In other words, it’s not about getting but giving.

What you want is to give them an education, or offer entertainment, or provide positive experiences.

  1. Education. Chances are that you have unique products or something unique about your products. By sharing the benefits of your products, you automatically increase their value in the eyes of the consumer.Sharing information on what the product can do for the consumer need not be restricted to what your sales rep say about it. It could also be communicated via brochures, booklets, and business cards with links to your informative website.
  2. Entertainment. If your business is not focused on improving the lives of a consumer by serving some useful benefit, then focus on entertaining visitors. It’s possible that your product simply helps people to feel good. It might help them to relieve their stress, giving them escape from the pressures of their daily lives. For instance, if you’re selling Frisbees then there is not much to educate people on about them. Few people are interested in the history of Frisbees, the manufacturing process, or the social value of Frisbees. So, entertainment could consist of showing people some unusual Frisbee tossing skills or directing them to videos that show funny Frisbee bloopers or how Frisbee world champions do amazing Frisbee stunts. For instance, you can share a video about how Brodie Smith trained to set the world record for the longest Frisbee throw.
  3. Provide a positive experience. It’s possible that your product is something that can be demonstrated. Perhaps, it’s a new type of gadget, an energy drink, a new type of salad dressing. By offering samples, you are exposing people to your product.
  4. Build awareness about your online business.

Your online strategy should also strive to educate, entertain, or provide positive experiences. However, this time you’re doing it by sharing online content. Naturally, the better yourSEO,the more likely people are to find your content.

  1. Education. You can educate your audience by writing blog posts and sharing it on social media, by writing guest posts, by creating a YouTube channel, and by creating a Facebook page to provide advice.
  2. Entertainment. You can entertain people by providing media related to your product that has entertainment value. You could also design a free app with some game-like elements to entertain people.
  3. Positive Experiences. You can offer positive experiences by having webinars where people can get to interact with you in person. If you have a physical product rather than just a digital product, you can also send out free samples of your product for a small shipping fee.

Rethinking Brand Building

When people think about brand building, they often focus on creating consistency in all their marketing elements, like colors, logos, slogans, themes, and so on. This is fine, but you have to go beyond making static changes; you also have to create brand awareness. This means finding way to engage with people and make them aware of your business product or services

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