How to Build a Memorable Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business regardless of its size. Good branding goes beyond the company name and logo. It has to be memorable, interesting and easily recognisable. Branding helps to draw customers in and keeps them returning but only if it is catered to them. It is time for companies to forget focussing on how to get the most out of their customers and instead focus their attention on how to give customers more. These tips will help you to develop your brand into one that stays memorable.


Customised Products

Customised merchandise is a quirky way to get your brand out there. Customers love to receive free gifts and providing them with each purchase could improve customer loyalty. Useful items such as printed canvas bags and stationary are a great option to hand out to advertise your company. These items tend to be long lasting which means your brand will stay in the customers mind for a long time. It makes sense to tailor the items to the services your company offers. While you don’t need to focus on being highly original, avoid producing tacky or cheap items so they don’t end up straight in the bin. It is important to ensure that the branding you use is attractive and clean, overcrowding will detract from what you’re trying to say about the company. The key thing is to keep your branding simple and consistent across all of your products, so it is easily identifiable. In some respect, products such as branded bags pay for themselves as they generate free advertising for your company when customers use them.

The Human Approach

Gone are the days of cold, unfriendly corporations. Increasing use of social media means there is no longer a divisive line between customers and companies. Now it is vital that every company brands itself with its own personality. You may have seen big companies ‘talking’ to each other on social media, it seems strange but it is the best way to create a human identity for your own brand. This could be online on social media, across your advertising campaigns and media communications. A recent trend is to inject humour and conversational language throughout the company’s campaigns. People are more likely to engage with a company that is friendly and approachable. Making your brand more human can be as simple as attaching names to your social media enquiries, so customers know they are being responded to by real people.

Use Mistakes to Your Advantage

Part of building this more human approach to branding is to make light of any mistakes that occur. Of course, this has to be appropriate and fit in with your company’s overall image. People don’t like to feel as though they have been lied to, so honesty definitely is the best policy because owning up to errors means that you will be seen as a transparent company. Again, be sensible with this technique and avoid broadcasting errors which will damage the reputation of the company. It is important to remember that, despite your best efforts with campaigns, sometimes the most widely shared and discussed ones are those that go wrong!

Know Your Audience

There is no point having an excellent and memorable brand if it does not suit your audience. Knowing exactly who you are trying to target, from their age to their interests, will help you to deliver a strong brand more effectively. It is best to consider where you intend to be in the future, will you be adding more products? Or expanding your audience? If so, make sure you do not create too much of a specific niche. The rapid rate at which trends develop and pass mean it is a good idea to continually review your brand and audience every few years to ensure it is staying relevant with current trends. After all, no one will remember your company if it is out dated or not of interest to them.

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