How Logos Help Develop a Brand

Logos are essential to help reinforce the identity and branding of a business. As a business promotes its products and services, the logo helps to raise awareness and increases brand recognition. A distinctive logo that used on products, marketing materials and packaging becomes an advertising tool of its own. As the brand becomes more widely known, the logo comes to represent your company’s values and ethics whether it represents quality, value for money, luxury or economy, one glance at the logo and you know exactly what you are going to get.

It has to be acknowledged that powerful though it may be, a logo is only one part of the branding strategy. A logo is a symbol that can instantly be recognised by everyone, no matter what language they speak. It represents a powerful first impression of a business’ values, goal, services and products. Keeping the brand message clear and consistent is important to help increase customer recognition. Consistency of its appearance across all of your marketing collateral is essential. Moreover, consistency of its message is key to delivering brand identity and impact. There should be a strong association between the brand and the logo, which should be a graphical representation of this message. A good logo should build loyalty between the business and its customers, creating confidence in the brand and also should help differentiate your business from your competitors. Timeless design is essential so your logo can subtly evolve where necessary as years go by.

Logos vary greatly, they can be font-based such as the logos of IBM or Sony, they can illustrate exactly what the company does such as a sign to represent a trade or service or they can be totally abstract symbols such as the Nike ‘Swoosh’. These symbols however, are totally meaningless until the underlying associations are communicated that allow the consumer to become emotionally attached to the brand. This encourages the identification and loyalty to the brand and the lifestyle it represents. Consistent use of the logo on your signage, company stationery and marketing materials will help strengthen your brand and encourage your customers to understand its identity. Your logo should also be stamped everywhere you can put it! On staff uniforms, company vehicles, on your website and social media sites as well as on your emails.

The Power of the Symbol

One of the most famous signs or logos in the world is the Nike ‘Swoosh’. Designed by Carolyn Davidson who was a young graphic design student at Portland State University, she was asked by founder Phil Knight to design a logo for his company Blue Ribbon Sports (it became Nike Inc. in 1978). He said he wasn’t in love with the logo initially and thought it would eventually grow on him, however it has gone on to become one of the most iconic, recognised symbols and brands in the world. As with any great logo, you don’t need to see the company name as the ‘Swoosh’ says it all. Of course the products behind the brand have to remain true to their original specification or the brand would not remain successful in such a competitive field. The Nike sports products still to this day represent quality; they have stayed cool and current and remain one of the most sought after aspirational brands in the world.

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