Different Types of Branding Techniques

light bulbsProducing promotional products and corporate giveaways have become an essential component of every business’ branding and marketing efforts. Since these products are very affordable and are really effective in attracting the attention of consumers, more and more companies from small time players to large corporations have adopted them as part of their overall business strategy. Compared to traditional advertising mediums such as print and TV commercials, branded products such as promotional pens, mugs, t-shirts, jackets, custom flash drives, and bags are much more practical especially for small businesses. Getting your company’s logo printed out in promotional materials is a highly effective tactic to increase your brand’s visibility, similar to services offered by places, where it can be printed unto customizable products to feature your company’s logo or any print of your choosing. It is important to note that virtually anything can be imprinted with your company name or logo.


This branding technique is ideal for cloth based promo items such as bags, tees, towels, and caps. Your company name or logo will be stitched unto the fabric and the effect is long lasting. Unlike screen printing or transfer printing, your branding will not easily fade when washed or ironed. Additionally, an embroidered logo or text has certain sophistication with it unlike other techniques. The drawback is it can be costly if especially when you have a very large artwork. As a rule of thumb, choose embroidery for subtle designs.

Silk Screen Printing

This traditional printing technique involves the use of ink or paint. The design gets transferred unto the fabric by pushing the paint through a stencil. This branding technique is ideal for large prints since it is very economical and can have a very nice effect unto t-shirts with large graphics. You have lots of color options and you can also request for embossed designs to make your company logo, for example, stand out. With silk screen printing, you can create striking promotional bags and umbrellas aside from t-shirts.

Digital Printing

This process makes use of sophisticated machinery to print a design from a digital image directly to an object via laser technology. A wide range of materials can be digitally printed such as paper, fabric, plastic, glass, and even metal.

Transfer Printing

This particular technique is used when an object cannot be directly printed due to its irregular shape. The artwork is digitally printed to a specialized paper also known as transfer paper and then pressed to the surface of an object. This method is widely used for customizing ceramics such as vases, plates, and mugs. The design is made permanent with the use of heat.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses laser technology instead of the traditional bit heads to etch a design to different kinds of materials. Since they are computer operated, the output is very clean and design, very crisp. This technique can be used to personalize metal pens, calculators, trophies and glass plaques. Since there is no need to make stencils, this branding method is ideal when customizing items for various individuals such as personalized business card holders for your top executives.

These are just some of the common branding techniques available. It is essential to familiarize yourself with this information as the right imprint method can greatly impact on the overall appeal as well as purpose of your promotional products and corporate gifts.

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