Can Color Trends Build Your Business Brand?

Color can play a key role in your business’s branding campaigns. By choosing the right color, you can evoke a feeling or idea without saying it outright. Consider whether these color trends might work for your company’s personality.

Red for a High-Energy, Cutting Edge & Risky Image

Red Rocks

Red is a complicated color that most businesses will want to avoid. It has a lot of energy, so you might want to use it if you want to make your company seem cutting edge and risky. Then again, a lot of people associate the color red with aggression and panic. People, for instance, “see red” when they get angry.

There are even studies showing that the color red can raise a person’s heart rate. If that’s the effect you want to have, then go with red. Dodge uses a red logo on its Ram trucks. It also includes a picture of a ram with big horns. That’s an aggressive image meant to excite consumers.

Yellow for Immediately Positive Branding


Yellow has always been a popular color for restaurants. Think about McDonald’s Golden Arches. People all over the world recognize that symbol immediately.

Yellow often works well because it evokes positive feelings. It makes people think of the sun, which reminds them of warmth and safety. That’s the perfect message for a restaurant that sells comfort food. But maybe not so great for a business that sells electronics.

Blue for a Trustworthy and Dependable Image

blue ocean 1024

If you own an electronics company, then you should consider using blue in your logo. Blue is one of the most popular colors for branding. There are good reasons for that. The color reminds people of the ocean and sky, which most find relaxing.

Blue also evokes dependability and trustworthiness. That’s the kind of features consumers want from appliances and electronics. Just think of how IBM and GE often use blue in their company logos. They seem authoritative and secure.

Black for a Classy or Aggressive Branding


Black is another tricky color. On one hand, it can seem like a timeless, classy color. People associate black with long limousines and iconic brands. Adidas, Apple, and Puma have all made great logos using black and white images.

For some people, though, black can seem depressing or aggressive. A black logo might look right on an expensive car or purse, but the color also looks perfect in the logo of the rock band AC/Dc, which is extremely loud and aggressive. If you choose this color, make sure you communicate your brand’s identity in other ways, too.

Green for an Affluent, Healthy & Sustainable Image


Given that so many people talk about “going green,” it’s not surprising to see that green has become a popular color for brands that want to be seen as healthy and sustainable. In the United States, green also evokes thoughts of money. That’s less true in countries where currency uses a rainbow of colors.

The recycling symbol is one of the most recognizable green logos. If you want people to think of lush plants and environmentally friendly products, then green might match your brand well.

What other color trends have you considered using for your company?

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