Branding Your Employees? Offering Free Company Products to Help Brand Loyalty

brandingCompanies, no matter how big or small, need to build their brand so they’re recognizable in the market place. If you’re considering ways to help build brand loyalty, be sure not to overlook your most accessible, and arguably most valuable, brand ambassadors — your employees. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon behind Google offering up corporate incentive programs to help engage employees in the concept of being loyal to the company. However, a concept not heavily practiced is getting employees engaged into the brand itself as brand ambassadors.

Having your employees represent your brand with free or discounted company products has benefits that may far outreach your imagination. If you want to have engaged employees that are proud to work for you, you should absolutely consider putting a rewards and recognition program into place. When you put a program in place that includes rewarding your employees with company-branded products, you’re likely to see your return on investment come full circle plus some.

Here are some reasons that explain why branding your employees can help build brand loyalty:

  • Engaged Employees Save and Make You Money. For starters, high turnover and hiring costs are expensive. When you create an environment where your employees are happy and proud to be, you’re likely to see fewer turnovers and spend less money on recruitment and training in the long run. Employees feel loyalty to their employers when they’re rewarded and feel appreciated, so you can enhance engagement from your staff by increasing recognition. When you reward your employees with branded products, they show their pride in working for you, and potential customers will take notice and possibly reward you in return by giving you business.
  • Competition Increases Productivity. Sure, no employee wants to be run to the ground with expectations that aren’t reasonable on a long-term basis, but if you offer a little friendly competition from time to time, you can increase efficiency and productivity. When you offer company-branded products as prizes, your staff will ultimately be working harder to advertise your brand.
  • Recognizing Individuality Promotes Global Initiative. Most employees don’t want to feel like drones. They don’t want to put their personal beliefs, preferences, and hobbies on the back burner at work or any time. When you offer your staff branded products that they can relate to, they’ll feel closer to you, and that closeness helps to foster loyalty. Avoid the idea that personal and corporate ideals can’t relate, and instead embrace the different ideals that make up your company. If you offer your employees a range of branded products, you’re likely to find something that fits nearly everyone’s needs or wants. For example, you may offer travel coffee mugs, hoodie sweatshirts, and accessories for golfers. With this range, you’re much more likely to appeal to a more global audience when it comes to both your employees and your potential consumers.
  • Consumers Respond to Responsive Companies. It doesn’t start with branded products, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. One way that your competitors may be making their own mark on the market is by showing your potential consumers that they care about their employees. If you want to get in on the action, consider showing your employees and audience that you value your employees by rewarding them with merchandise.

Employees are an invaluable resource to any business when it comes to building a brand’s loyalty. Sometimes the simplest items can convey the biggest messages, and when an employee is proud to tout your company’s logo, you’re on your way to getting noticed and positioning yourself positively against your competitors. Remember that your biggest brand enthusiast are those who are inside the company so make sure you are utilizing them.

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