A smart guide to hiring a marketing consultant

officeIf there is one thing that we can agree on, it is that failure to hire specialist or adequately skilled employees (or partners) is one of the biggest mistakes that a company can make.

This is particularly true in the field of strategic marketing, which is a diverse and constantly evolving entity that demands relevant knowledge and the deployment of focused, carefully honed skills.

With this in mind, here is our smart, four-point guide towards hiring a marketing consultant that can achieve your brand’s goals in 2017: –

  1. A Commercial and Results-driven Outlook

Fundamentally, marketing is a creative discipline, and one which requires employees to work with an open and unrestricted mind. The desired skill-set for a marketing consultant is slightly different, however, as while they must have an appreciation of the creative arts they are also responsible for your overall strategy and the accomplishment of fixed, commercial objectives (including a measurable ROI).

Make no mistake; marketing consultants must have a commercial and results-driven outlook, and which is focused on the overall goals of specific campaigns.

  1. They Use Dynamic Processes and Systems

From the rise of digital to the increased importance of email and social automation, modern marketing is increasingly driven by dynamic processes and online tools. This has enhanced the ROI of disciplines such as email marketing, with behavioural based tools helping to driving an average return of 3800% in this field.

A progressive marketing consultant will not only be aware of these tools and trends, but they will also have the expertise to leverage them in a way that suits each individual campaign.

  1. They Have a Hands-on Approach that Drives Implementation

If there is one criticism that is often aimed at consultants, it is that they deal in theory rather than the practicalities of implementation. This should not be the case, however, as a skilled and experienced marketing consultant must make practical and relevant recommendations to clients whilst also helping them to implement them over time.

This type of proactive, hands-on approach enables consultants to help conceptualise a marketing vision for your brand, while also ensuring that this can be implemented in a cost and time-effective manner.

  1. They Have (and Can Showcase) a Proven Track Record

Whether you employ the services of an individual consultant or a skilled marketing agency, it is crucial that potential partners are able to showcase a proven track record. This does not mean simply listening to them share their previous successes, as surely you would expert those that are well-versed in marketing to promote themselves effectively through the spoken word?

Instead, you should encourage potential consultants to present portfolios and case studies that offer a visual insight into their achievements. For example, at Opportunity Marketing, we include third-party testimonials, which provide objective recommendations for our services.

So there you have it; a four-point guide that will enable you employ the services of a skilled and competent marketing consultant that can actively aid the development of your brand.

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