A Guide to Effective Outdoor Event Planning

The professional event planner has to gain many years of valuable working experience before they can be entrusted with a corporate event, and if you are about to organise an outdoor event for your boss, this could mean a sure-fire promotion, or if the event fizzles, you might be back on the job hunting trail. It’s all about planning, and covering your bases. The term “Plan B” is always applicable, and with absolutely nothing left to chance, the event is a resounding success, and the good event organiser is rarely seen on the day, but is there somewhere, smartphone in hand, ensuring that everything is as it should be, with all angles covered.

Online Resources

This is your versatile platform that allows you to source any service, from a suitable portable toilet hire to a suitable PA system, and with Google at your fingertips, you can effectively book everything, and the Internet also provides a great marketing avenue, with social media and your website showcasing and promoting the event. Facebook live is a great way to expand your audience and it really is a cinch to do these days. It is hard to believe that everything you need can be stored on a mobile device, which also allows you to make all of your bookings, and what’s more, you can call anyone at any time!

Plan for Everything

In the world of uncertainty we live in, the event planner must take everything into account. The weather, for example, can rarely be relied upon, and any outdoor event simply must have a covered area that is both suitable in size and equipped for immediate occupation. Storms can transform a smooth and professional presentation into a scene from a disaster movie, and this transformation can occur within minutes. You really must research the weather forecast for your big day and gather as much information as you can, and while weather predictions are never 100%, it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Working to Budget

Perhaps the most frustrating of the many factors that make up an event, your budget pretty much defines your scope, and with some skilful negotiating, you will hopefully have a little left for an emergency, and with that, you can buy small gifts to your key people, which ensures future cooperation. Sometimes emotion can creep in, after all, we are dealing with other people, but the overall attitude of “the show must go on” should always prevail. Spend your money wisely and compare prices, and if you have good long term working relationships with key providers, always try to get a slight reduction, as every little helps.

Public Relations

The up and coming event must be marketed, and this would be in digital form, with both your company website and your social media pages highlighting the event. If people are arriving in the own vehicles, then parking is an absolute must and always provide for more than you think you will need. If the venue is largely unknown, enclose some instructions along with the invite. It is little things like this that make the event go smoothly, and knowing your guests as much as possible will help you to tailor the event. Every PR event has its objectives, and as the planner, you should be striving towards these goals.

There are a number of possible scenarios that you need to consider, what would happen if there was a power outage? A suitable generator hidden discreetly somewhere would have you covered. Toilet facilities are absolutely essential, and if these are lacking, there are online suppliers of portable VIP toilet hire units. IT hardware can never be relied on, so have at least two laptops and a memory stick with the entire program is another must have.

Organising an outdoor event is all about planning, and by using the Internet to source all your requirements, all you need is a smartphone and you’re good to go.

If you have any questions, please ask below!