6 Strategies for Appealing to Tech-Savvy Customers and Employees

Millennials, sometimes referred to as the tech-savvy generation, are currently taking over how companies are doing business. This generation has been raised in the digital age, and they expect that digital technologies should be available either in the office or to make their shopping experiences more convenient when acting as customers. Businesses need to take steps to ensure that they are attracting this digitally-savvy population in order to increase their sales and to tap into this bank of potential employees.

Use of Social Media

Many tech-savvy shoppers use social media to learn about potential businesses more frequently than traditional websites. This is because they usually have social media platforms that are easily accessible from their Smartphone or another device, so they can conveniently look up a potential business while on the go. Companies will do well to take advantage of this mobile market by creating interactive and informative social media profiles that let potential customers know what a business has to offer, where they are located, and what deals or promotions are currently being run. Additionally, social media can also help tech-savvy employees stay in touch with what is going on at their place of work.

Improved Communication Options

Tech-savvy customers have little patience for calling a standard customer service phone number and sitting on hold until their call can be answered, so it is important that businesses are using improved communication options that will keep these customers happy. Instant messaging is one such option, as chat tools and instant messaging can provide instant feedback and gratification that will keep tech-savvy customers and employees happy.

In terms of attracting tech-savvy employees, visual voicemail may also be a good investment, as Millennials are often highly-skilled at multitasking and can juggle several communication channels at one time. An easy-to-use visual voicemail system like those provided in their Smartphones can allow them to retrieve voicemails easily. Voicemail can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, and they may be able to sync information directly with their Outlook calendars.

Web Conferencing

Online conferencing allows you to conduct meetings remotely rather than wasting time and resources on travel. One of the best advantages to these conferencing services is application and desktop sharing, but web conferencing will also increase productivity by improving coordination with customers, employees, and clients. Web conferencing tools may be helpful in improving customer relationships, as these solutions can provide your support team with greater ability to resolve problems in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, tech-savvy employees are often attracted to businesses that offer web conferencing, as it will allow them to work remotely in order to attend employee training or to participate in internal meetings.

Use the Cloud

When it comes to attracting tech-savvy employees, moving to the cloud is an important step, as many workers in the younger generation are interested in working remotely. Millennials are often attracted to businesses that offer flexibility with remote office options, so with a business in the cloud, young, tech-savvy workers will be able to connect to office systems from wherever it is that they work best. This will lead to big technology savings for your business and greater workforce productivity.

Virtual Displays

Today’s tech-savvy customer expects purchasing and researching a product to be easy, as customers will want access to peer reviews, product details, and competitor pricing in order to make an educated decision about a purchase. Virtual displays are a great way to cater to the tech-savvy, educated customer, as they allow consumers to research product details right away and access items that might not be available in-store. Customers will be able to see related products, providing businesses with the chance to increase sales through additionally purchased items. These displays also allow customers to buy and ship items directly to their home or to friends. Virtual displays will offer brand consistency for your business, letting your customers shop seamlessly either online or in a physical location.

Apps and Services that Meet Lifestyle Needs

Most businesses have developed Smartphone apps that allow customers to shop, complete transactions, or look for deals. However, many businesses are taking apps a step further in order to extend beyond a customer’s business needs in order to also meet their lifestyle needs. For example, including financial calculators that a customer can use in his everyday life will increase your brand recognition while providing a useful service to your client base.

Whether your business is looking to hire tech-savvy young workers or are simply hoping to tap into a younger market of customers, there are several ways that you can keep this generation happy. By implementing technological solutions to improve your business communications, you’ll be sure to attract a new group of younger and technology-inclined workers and customers.

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