12 Ideas to Use Twitter Lists

twitter-engagementMany people still do not take advantage of the use of the Lists on Twitter, in some cases because they do not know and in others because they can not find a specific use. Let me leave you some ideas of how to use them.

The process to create them is very simple, in your Twitter profile you are going to “Lists” and then to “Create lists” you owe place a name and description, you can also choose to make your list “public” (everyone can see it and follow) or you can make “private” (no one can see or follow). Make sure that if you make public lists are clear and understandable names.

The mechanics of public lists is that if I follow you can see what lists have in your profile and if any strikes me can “subscribe” to it and follow the tweets of the members of the list, I do not have to follow members, and with follow list I can see their publications.

If the list is private no one can see.

Having said this let the ideas of how to use them to your advantage and optimize time and strategy.

  1. Organize your Time Line (TL). When you start to follow more people becomes a little difficult to read all the lists is a great way to organize the people you follow and place as publishing and you can go to them to read the topics that interest you at that time. You can also open them ready to include new profiles to assess if you want to follow or not. Buying twitter follower is not a bad idea. You may think should you buy followers or not. It's a good idea to make your business profile popular.
  1. Create thematic lists. Organize lists according to your interests, not every day we read the same, you can make a list of news, humor, close friends, specialists, etc. Which will facilitate conversations you find you need or want to read at any time?
  1. Tell Users. You can create lists of users who want to recommend to your community and provide the building a list to follow them all.
  1. Increase your influence. Create lists for others (customers or prospects) can follow is a great way to increase your influence on Twitter, the others follow your lists increases your influence. Develops attractive ready for your market and invite them to follow.
  1. Monitor customers. It works for me very well make lists of my clients, I make private. I can monitor what publish, how they interact, influence, etc. I present all the time and not lose detail of what they do. A professional twitter marketing service could work a lot for you. Before buying any service check the reviews first.
  1. List of employees. In many companies also functions be ready to employees or departments to monitor their publications or simply to further strengthen internal communication.
  1. You can create lists the locations of people you follow. I have a list of people who are located in my town for example. You can make lists of people by countries, cities or even colonies if so accurate your strategy.
  1. Lists of specific markets. One way to follow the publications or actions of specific markets, for example I have a business, another marketing blogs, other young marketers, etc. the idea is that you follow an organized way the information they publish, their styles, their contents, etc. And you can interact with them more easily. You can not escape your TL.
  1. List of Competition. You can follow what your competition and monitoring strategies.
  1. List Your Influencers. List people you have connected and which help you to amplify your messages on the network. I recommend that present very well have to do not neglect your work with them.
  1. List of real people. It is also good to have a list of people you’ve generated a friendly, steady and reciprocal connection. People may know in person or you like to do in the future.
  1. Analysis of users. This list I do it privately and put the bills that interest me for various reasons should be few to be able to really analyze their actions, connection with your audience and content. It can serve to know whether or not to follow such persons, or to discuss your strategy, or simply to know what you mean.

The general idea of twitter is finally ready to organize your work reading and connection with your followers.

They are also useful to offer your followers easily topics, contents or specialists to continue without them having to be looking for them tool.

If you have any questions, please ask below!