Why Printing is Still Relevant

The relevance of printing is still significant despite technological advances in digital document technology. The concept of a paperless office is a myth and looks to remain so for a very long time. The reason behind this statement stems from the numerous advantages of paper over digital technology.

The following things give paper an edge:

  • Securing Records
  • Keeping Notes
  • Material Copy
  • Green
  • Adaptability

benefits of paper and printing

Paper Is Still Easier for Some Things

In addition, important financial and business records are usually produced on paper and the original copies require secure storage. It is more difficult to unintentionally transmit sensitive information when it is in the form of paper. The act of note taking is also experienced differently when it is done with a pen and paper. It’s simply easier, in most cases, to write down what you are thinking rather than worrying about which program or file type to use.

Paper also makes for a simple sharing and collaboration process as well as the ability to process information that has been organized with individual style. Visual aids and other group efforts can be enhanced with the use of a physical substance. Having a tangible copy can support the creative process and enhance recall-you may want to hand out a paper checklist or after your meeting that your coworkers can hang in their cubicles.

The physical document that paper provides can also be adapted to a digital device with ease and vice versa. With the use of an all-in-one, scanner, printer, fax machine and copier this process can be both simple and convenient.

Paper: Yes; Wasteful: No

Our ability to recycle paper makes it a multi-use product that can be put toward the creation of other products once its initial purpose has been fulfilled. Implement an in-office recycling program, and make it easy for employees to follow-through. Make recycling bins easily accessible. There are also many ways to increase the value and life of the paper that is utilized. Methods such as using recycled paper, or making the most out of your paper by double-sided printing, are just a couple ways to increase the value of paper used in an office environment.

Paperless Office? Not Yet

Because paper and printing have so many benefits, the paperless office is still not a a reality, especially when the benefits of a printer and paper use are considered.

What about you? How do you use paper in the office?

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