Top 10 Tips to Become Happier and More Productive at Work

gearsMultiple studies over the years suggest that the main reason why business managers sometimes fail to reach their goals is low employee job satisfaction and happiness. While there are numerous solutions and applications specifically designed to boost your company's performance, if you fail to correctly asses the needs of your employees, chances are this will not result in huge performance boost. The key here is to review all habits and routines, as well as the impact of office space and work equipment. To help out, I've prepared 10 really easy tips to boost employee productivity within any organization:

Work Planning

The key to having the most productive day, week or even month of your entire life is proper planning. This is pretty much essential and you are likely to spend just 15 minutes of your precious time on it. Start by writing down 2-3 of the main things you need to get done during the specific period and you have your core goals in place. Now the only thing left for you is to simply achieve them!

Prioritize Tasks

While this is really a no-brainer, it's amazing how few of the managers actually use task prioritization to make the lives of everyone in their company much easier. Often, there are enormous to-do lists that require the immediate attention of employees and this is bound to lead to disaster! Once you filter out important and not so important tasks, it will be much easier for both you and your employees to focus on what really matters, while leaving out the not so important tasks to others.

Toughest Tasks First

When you get to prioritizing your task list, it's pretty much essential to start with the toughest ones first. Don't delay these! It's like jumping in a pool filled with cold water - you just need to close your eyes and just do it.

Create More Positive Outlook

For many managers, being serious all the time is pretty much key element of their approach to running a business. The thing is that this is likely to leave some negative feelings with your employees, so instead try to be as positive as possible. Negativity can spread pretty fast in any office out there, so it's up to you - the manager to maintain positive outlook!

Use Compassion to Deal with Negative Employees

People get negative mindset for many reasons and some of them are very likely to be caused by you or the work you delegate to these people. The best way to handle negative people within your organization is to develop compassion and avoid making any judgments. Use this approach along with positive influence and you are bound to create one of the most productive teams in your industry!

Kill Negative Habits

Every person out there tends to develop certain negative habits at work that ruin his or hers productivity. Take one day and observe yours and your employee work habits. Chances are you will quickly spot the negative ones and you can quickly get rid of them. For example, if you are checking your mail first thing in the morning, you are very likely to not be focused properly on all your assignments throughout the day.

Learn to Adapt

Humans, as well as every living organism on this planet have one thing in common - the skill of adaptation, which has proven to be essential for survival. This must become essential part of your organization and for you as a manager, its top priority task to handle. Nowadays, change happens virtually every day, so it's vital to open to new things and adapt them into your existing business setup.

Creative Thinking

Even the most boring and/or stressful job can be quickly transformed into much more enjoyable activity by simply thinking creatively about it. Creativity can help ease-up some of the hardest tasks in your company and also helps boost employee productivity.

Spice up the Office and Work Equipment

The office space, along with the equipment you use to do your job on daily basis are something very few managers actually pay attention to. Choosing the right colors to paint your office, purchasing custom made work equipment and arranging everything, so that it boost productivity, will do magic within your organization. Don't believe me? Colorful healthcare work equipment helped boost employee productivity in the healthcare industry by more than 100%!

Don't Delay Vacations

Managers, as well as employees tend to delay their vacations for many reasons - there is too much work that needs to be done, many of the tasks have already missed the set deadlines and so on. Whatever your reasons are, just drop them! We all need to take some time off work and focus on other important aspects of our lives. Furthermore, the more relaxed we feel after our vacation, the more productive we will be when we get back on our work desk!

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