Tips on Making Your Business Attract Top Quality Employees

The goal of every business is to succeed and in order to achieve that goal, a business needs top quality employees. Without top-quality employees, it does not matter if the business employs a robust and aggressive marketing strategy or if it locates its shop in a strategic area because the end result is failure. Therefore it is imperative that a business knows how to attract top-quality employees who are committed to their work, have the requisite expertise and who out of their way to ensure that the business succeeds. Below we highlight the common tips used by successful companies to attract top-quality workers.

Match Market Salaries

One of the most important factors that all businesses seeking to attract top-quality workers must abide by is to match market salaries. Many small businesses fail short when it comes to their remuneration packages. Instead of matching market salaries, some small businesses base their salaries on the budgets (which are also relatively small). As such, the worker at the end of the day will opt to go to a company where he is going to earn more than a company that’s looking to pay him less. It’s alright for small businesses to base some of their expenses on their budgets but when it comes to salaries, always match market salaries as there is no substitute for committed and hardworking employees.

Include More Benefits to Employees

Salaries are a great tool in attracting top-quality employees, but they are not the only thing that pulls workers to a business. Workers are also pulled by other non-financial benefits offered by the company. Recent graduates when looking for employment opportunities look for companies that allow them to advance their studies while at work. This, therefore, means offering work at home options and flexible working hours will appeal to more workers.

Give Employees Incentives

Research has shown that employees put more effort at work if they are compensated and their hard work is recognised. This, therefore, should guide your business to compensate those workers who put in an extra shift. Employee incentives come in different forms, it can be in form of a promotion, or a company paid retreat. Prospective employees who are considering to start working for your business are likely to be pulled by the incentives you are offering workers currently in the job.

Widespread advertising is key

Another key factor in attracting top-quality employees is knowing where the top quality employees search for jobs. It’s not enough to post your vacancy ad on the back of your local newspaper. Rather, widen the scope of your ads. Place your ads in university newsletters, contact well-known recruitment agencies that work with hundreds of job seekers. Additionally, you also need to make use of educational social network sites such as LinkedIn where thousands of professionals link up such as companies like NetBet. In as much as you offer competitive salaries and great employee incentives, failing to properly target the top quality workers may not be enough for you to attract top-quality employees.

Guarantee Job Security

Research has shown that one of the key factors that attract workers to a company is job security. The hassle of moving from one company to another and attending job interviews after every couple of years is a big pet peeve for workers including top quality workers. As such, when looking to lure top quality workers you need to guarantee them job security. For start-ups and other emerging companies, guaranteeing job security may seem hard but a detailed overview of where the company is coming from and where it is headed goes a long way in allaying any fears that the worker may have in regards to job security. Once the employee sees that the business has a clear objective and a feasible plan on how to reach their goal, it will be much easier to lure the worker to your business.

Understand (and be considerate of) the Candidate Experience

At one point, most business founders were also job applicants and at one point all human resources staff were also job seekers. Remembering this is crucial to any business and using this information can work to your business’ advantage when looking to attract top quality workers. Most top quality workers aspire to work at companies that are ‘humane’ i.e. companies that know and appreciate the painful journey of a job seeker. In order to portray a humane outlook, your business need not discard data and resumes of candidates that fail to make the grade or ‘ghost’ on the email applications sent by job seekers. Rather, use services such as Mail Chimp to send monthly (or even weekly) job opportunities that may interest anyone who wants to work in your company. Sending regular emails will make your business appear humane and in the process, raise the interest of potential job seekers some of whom will be top quality workers.

Give a Clear Job Description

Work positions are almost the same in most companies i.e. there is a Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources Officer, Finance and Administration Officer, Call Centre Agents and so forth. While the position title may be the same for most businesses, it does not mean that the job requirements for that same title are the same. From company to company, the tasks and duties of (let’s say) a human resources officer differ a bit. As such, it’s important that as a business you clearly (and concisely if possible) outline the job description highlighting the qualities of the candidate you are looking for. Information that may be considered unimportant by many on most occasions may actually be critical in identifying top quality workers for your business.

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